Turinobol + Albuterol cycle

  1. Turinobol + Albuterol cycle

    I've started a cycle of turinibol and Albuterol been on 5 days and feeling crazy tight! Trying my best to get 3000 cals a day! Weight is currently 195 hoping to cut to 180! Body fat is probably 18%! Gonna run the cycle for 3 months! albuterol the first 14 days and last 14 days! Not really feeling anything from the Albuterol right now! Taking 4 mg 4 times a day! 40 mg of turinibol a day!

    Chest and legs Monday and Friday
    Back and shoulders Wednesday and Sunday
    abs and arms every session!
    Run 5 miles Tuesday and Thursday and 10 miles on Saturday!
    20 mins on treadmill at the end of every gym session 1 min at 6mph 1 min at 8 mph alternating til I get to 20!

  2. Had an awesome workout this morning after an exhausting night! We have a 2 month old son that didn't want to go to sleep until 2am and I get to the gym at 5:30 am!

    Hit back and shoulders hard this morning! 20 mins on the dreadmill

    Breakfast egg beater omelets
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  3. Good 5.3 mile run this morning in 46:00 gonna lift for 30 mins on my lunch break! My diet is still lacking a bit just not getting enough calories! Weight was 198.4 this morning

  4. Felt great today! Hit chest and legs hard! PR'd on squats at 385! Didn't eat nearly enough and chopped wood all day at work! Nice core workout

  5. Kilt it in the gym today 415 dead lift for reps! Up the Tbol to 50 mg and had crazy calf pumps! At like an animal today

  6. Crazy good workout this morning! Destroyed my back and shoulders! Have changed things up and working out 6 days a week 2 a days! Also added in finaflex 1 Andro and PX black! Calories have been on track lately! Dinner last night was awesome! Spinach salad loaded with chicken and ground turkey!

    Began adding Greek yogurt to my protein shakes boosting the Cals to 500 and protein to 78 g drink 2 a day! Finished up with 230 G protein yesterday and 2600 Cals

  7. 286 grams of protein today really starting to get the diet in order! Weight was. 203 lb today! Killed back and shoulders today! Back in the gym in 5 hrs

  8. Added in finaflex PX black and loved the added energy this morning! It was chest and leg day! Squat was 385*12 bench press is up 20 lbs in 2 weeks and weight is up 9 lbs

    About to have my man maker shake:
    1 1/2 scoops of designer whey
    2 servings liquid egg whites
    1 serving or Original Greek Yogurt

    492 Cals
    6g fat
    18 carbs
    78g protein

  9. Good workout this morning! Hit back and shoulders bi's and tri's! Biceps felt weak this morning! Began doing a pyramid workout 10 reps at 70%, 80%, 90% and back down for 5 sets! Eating like a horse about 2000 cals 250 G protein! PX Black is giving me good energy no jitters which I'm not fond of!

    I will note no morning wood today! Which was kind of nice being able to piss upon waking!

    current cycle:
    50 mg Tbol
    2 caps 1-Andro twice a day
    2 caps PX Black twice a day

  10. Really felt good in the gym today! Legs feel strong! I am noticing some acne from the cycle and dry joints I have added in some fish oil and glucosamine! Aggression is way up but trying to relax when I feel it coming on. I seem to be a little more confrontational! Overall loving it and eating everything in sight

  11. Off day today and took my wife out of town for the weekend! Refeed day! Just had crab legs at bubba gumps shrimp company! Got some swimming in the plans for the evening

  12. Glad to be back hitting the iron today! Back and shoulders! Feeling crazy big! Weight is up 16 lbs! Loving this cycle

  13. Changed up the workouts to make sure I'm not adding too much fat! Added 10 mins of HIIT to the beginning of my workout and the usual 20 mins at the end of my workout! Weight was 206 this morning! The HIIT has really added intensity to my workouts!


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