I've ran a PH cycle before, it was Estrastain by Wycked labs and I had all the proper pct et cetra. I went from 188 lb to 210 lb because I kept seeing gains after my cycle was finished (5 months ago). But now I am back down to 190 and I'm wondering where I went wrong and where all the muscle went. Most likely my diet? I'm still taking supplements such as whey, creatine mono, multivitamins, fish oil, cla, green tea extra and l-carnitine. I'm trying to cut some fat off, but I think I've messed up my calorie intake and lost more muscle than I thought I would.

I want to run another PH and was looking at Iron Labs Halo XT. Is this product good while on a cut?
My problem is I moved to a new country (Germany), and I don't really know what products are available out here for support.
I found Halo XT on amazon.de for about 20$. I believe I need two bottles to run a 75mg cycle for 4-6 weeks.

Is there anyone out there that can give me some proper advice about this PH and what else to take with it so I don't mess myself up?

I hope I put this in the right forum section, I'm new here.
I found some old threads about Halo XT, but I'm asking about it because those were old threads and there might be new information/products available.