Best thing to add to cycle?

  1. Best thing to add to cycle?

    So I'm in my 4th week of a halodrol cycle and I've decided I want to throw something else in for the end, probably M-Sten. My questions are:

    1. Would it be best to stack the two for the last two weeks of a 6 week cycle, or finish up the hdrol and then go another 2-4 weeks on just the m-sten before starting pct, making my cycle 8-10 weeks?

    2. I want to put on as much muscle as I can while still leaning out. Do you have a better recommendation than m-sten with that goal in mind? (I'd prefer something that isn't gonna put my toxicity through the roof as much as m sten but its gotta be fast acting to throw in at the end like this)

    3. As of now my pct is looking like:
    Wks 1-4: Clomid 50mg, D-Pol, and CEL Cycle Assist
    Wks 5-8: Erase Pro, D-Pol, and Cycle Assist
    think I should be covered pretty well with that?

  2. Also, I just remembered a buddy of mine has a bottle of 1-andro. I'm not too familiar with it though, does it start working fast enough to throw in at the end like this?

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