Best epi clone?

  1. Best epi clone?

    Hi I've been reading alot about epistane lately and come across a few clones of epi. My question is which compound is or works the best? Or does it all convert to the same thing? The following compounds Are the ones I've been researching

    2a, 3a-epithio17a methyl-17b-hydroxy-5a-androstane


  2. their is a thread here on this forum but this is another information website that you can use to learn

    The Epistane & Havoc Informative Bible. | Designer Steroids | - Legal Anabolic Steroid & Pro-hormone Supplement Blog.

  3. Epi strong from mr supps is a good clone

  4. dont focus so much on the compound notation because theres several ways to write the same compound. SD had like 3 different names lol

    focus more of positively reviewed and trustworthy brands. epistrong is good. litle expensive, but its legit. you can also trust old faithfuls like havoc, or lgi. id also trust celtic because phf has been around for a long time. brawn is probly g2g too.

    those are only a few options. there are tons of good epi clones because its been around for awhile. theyre all the same as long theyre the same dose as they claim

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