I plan to do my first ph cycle and will be doing low dose 11-oxo. My goal for the cycle will be to possible build small bit of muscle but mostly to lean out and cut off bodyfat.

My current stats are:
-13% bf
-24yrs, 6"4ft
-intermitent fasting diet on a 2900cals per day
-weight training 6 days per week on a 3 day split
-fasted morning cardio 7days a week 45mins

Im thinking of cycling 2 pills a day 11-oxo to start (2x 125mg caps so 250mg per day) for first week and increasing to 3 (375mg) for 3 weeks and then back down to 2 for the 5th week.

For my pct i plan on running an otc pct of triazole, activate xtreme, and primaforce daa. My doseing will look like such

11-oxo. 2/3/3/3/2
Triazole 0/0/0/0/0/3/3/3/3/3/3
Activate 0/0/0/0/0/4/4/4/4/4/4
Daa. 0/0/0/0/0/4/3/3/3/3/3

Id really aprechiate any advice/criticism on any aspect of the cycle (espically thoughts on the pct!) from anyone with more experience.