Stano/EPI Cycle

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  1. Stano/EPI Cycle

    I will be starting a Stano/EPI cycle this week. Maybe next monday the 6-24. Not sure yet, depends on how comfortable i feel with the cycle. I have never taken Stano before but seen lots of stacks and heard only good from it.

    My thoughts were the cycle to look like this.

    Epi 20/30/30/40
    Stano 0/400/600/700/700

    I've ran Epi before at even higher doses and also stacked with SD. I'm looking for this to be a cut cycle.

    I'm shooting for 2600-2800 cals with working out 3 lift days and 3 cardio cardios (2 Crossfit days, 1 run day 2-3miles) I weigh 207 right now. I'm not sure what my BMI is but it's decent, 12-14. What i'm hoping to get with this cycle (realistically) is to stay in between 205-210 and lose some fat but hold onto all my muscle, if i put on 3lbs, yaah, but really if i lose a few that's cool too, just need to cut and not lose any strength or size.

    My pct is fine, it's your basic Clomid, DAA, Erase pro, and AI Post Cycle Support. Probably overkill. I will most likely start the DAA in week 3 and run the jug out, which is 50 days. I have Anastozol on hand if any sides pop up but shouldn't get any with EPI and Stano.

    Will post before pictures The day i start. I'm really holding back hoping for some feed back on stano dosing and thoughts on skipping 1 week of stano, or should i run them both 4 weeks at the same time. Any ways let me know... i will try and post something every day or two. Let me know who's on board.

  2. [email protected]

    Geez bro that took forever. I searched ur name , title..yaddah yaddah.

  3. lol, i didn't want to make it easy on you...

  4. 5 weeks epi. Drop the stano. That ****s expensive. Only reason to keep it is if epi has been to harsh on u in the past

  5. Yo how was ur sd/epi run. I forgot u did that. I would have pulled up ur old log.
    I tried
    Sd 15/15/15/15
    Epi 0/15/15/15

    And had to end it early . Got sick and sides. I gained a bit and still gaining 2 weeks into pct


    that's the link to the SD/EPI log... The SD for that long got me on the sides, and i hit the clomid hard, but i stayed shut down a few weeks longer than i expected... RL stuff started happening, so i got out of my rhythm for a month or so, but i'd say i've held on to most of what i gained, even 6 months down the road. I have even gains a few lbs, but not all of it good... lol... but i'm squating 345x5 on 5th set instead of 295, so i'm still gaining muscle. I just need to trim it all down now.

    I lift heavy upper body mondays, (chest, back, shoulders), tuesday crossfit, Wed heavy legs, and arms, Thursday crossfit, Friday, heavy chest, then high rep everything else upperbody)... for ex. i do bench mon fri, but if i do flys, decline push ups, pulls monday, i do incline DB, rows, shoulder raises.) basically doing just mixing it up a lot so i keep my body guessing... I then try and run 2-3 miles saturday...

    Sunday... i eat like a fat kid who just broke out of fat camp.

  7. I've never ran EPI solo, I already got the Stano though... You don't like it i guess?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by bmattstevens View Post
    I've never ran EPI solo, I already got the Stano though... You don't like it i guess?
    Nah. If u got it , run it. How many bottle. Can u run it higher or longer

    Or 600mg for 6 weeks

  9. I could get another bottle I only got one though, enough to run 600 for 4 weeks

  10. Quote Originally Posted by bmattstevens View Post
    I could get another bottle I only got one though, enough to run 600 for 4 weeks
    4 weeks doesnt seem long enoght. Whats ur goals as far as stack. Why stack them. Epi is pretty strong solo.

    Donr get me wrong epi/stano is a well tested stack. Are u doing it to keep gains or trying to cut a little extra fat.

    Epi 40mg all the way.

    Are u planning to cycle again? If so save the stano for another cycle. Or buy another bottle go 600x6to8weeks.

  11. Well I got pretty shut down on my epi sd cycle so the stano half for to keep that from happening again and because well like you said it's a proven stack.

    So your saying run epi solo then put. Wait a couple months then stano or use the stano with another cycle stacked. Or get another bottle and run it higher??

    I can get more epi amd stano and run both higher.

    My goal is to stay at my current weight and cut big time. If I gain some weight and hold it after pct then yeah but since I'm planning a cut if I can realistically start at my 207-205 and lose fat I'm good. That will mean I may lose 10lbs of fat but added 10lbs of muscle so I'm staying at 207 but made a huge swing...

    I'm really not tore up on weighting a certain amount. I want to lean up a lot and hold all my muscle and maybe add a little but honestly if I can cut but keep all my strength I'll be happy.

  12. Bump for more opinions!!!

    But i like epi solo. but if that stacks what you got on hand run with it. Stano solo will really get u no where.

  13. So thinking

    Epi 40/40/40/40/50/60
    Stano 600/600/600/600/700/700/800

    Look better?

    Would you start the daa mid cycle still or save all for Pct (which is what I am thinking now)

    Since that's a harsher cycle I'll double my fish oil and liver supps...

    And pray to the workout gods my joints won't turn to dust lol

  14. I can save stano for later this will not be my last cycle I will bulk around Thanksgiving. I just am hoping to do something other than Sd. I may just get some test amd do a 12 week I'm just nervous about needles lol

  15. epi 40mgx6week
    stano looks good, 600mg is prob high enough through out 8weeks
    And brace your self for pct

  16. Brace myself... Always like the sound of that... Lol

  17. pinning is prob the best way to go. I think i might do a quick epi cycle in a few months but after that im completely done with hormones, going to keep it clean

  18. Quote Originally Posted by bmattstevens View Post
    Brace myself... Always like the sound of that... Lol
    I just hate pct,,, although this time its not bad at all. my last sd solo cycle, recovery was a complete pain, had no libido for like 6 months

  19. Yeah I was bad shut down from Sd almost scared me but I knew to just finish pct and not freak out but it did make nervous lol

  20. Hope u get more input. Its a pretty common cycle. I just never did it

  21. I am planning to run this same stack as well starting this Monday and will be logging my experience as well.

  22. looking forward to your log!

    im going to run stano/epi/tren 6 weeks starting the 28th of this month (or around there)

    from logs ive seen stano doesnt kick in for 2 weeks (which is fine if its started from the beginning as Epi didnt give me lethargy until week 3)

    my pre-log is in my signature, ill make a new thread to log the run with near daily updates once i begin
    CURRENT 2014 Log

  23. I plan on running this stack soon, from what i've gathered is most guys run 6 weeks. And most regret not starting there run at 30 plus mg.

    Just some stuff to think about. I plan to run 6-8 weeks. Starting at 40mg

  24. What do y'alls PCTs look like?

    I am planning on Torem, but I am struggling to find a source that I trust 100% as this is my first cycle. I will also be using Test Factor and DAA.

  25. ill be running clomid 50/50/25/25/12.5 (if i have enough)
    and an AI (undecided which product but probably erase) starting 10-14days into PCT 2/3/2/2/1
    (the dose of erase depends on if im holding water or have any estro related sides, might stay at 3 caps for 2 weeks instead of 1)
    DAA 3g daily
    Natural test booster (herbal blend, tribulus, maca, fenugreek, the usual) recommended dosage
    CURRENT 2014 Log


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