how much bf loss on light hdrol bulk

  1. how much bf loss on light hdrol bulk

    If I was to eat 250 Cal's surplus on hdrol (at 75) would a user typically see any bodyfat reduction?

    I've been told that due to your motabolism increasing, 250 surplus will probably be my maintenance anyway.

    I just wanna gain a bit and lose a bit.

  2. Theres is no real answer since everyone is different... but if you increase your cardio especially if you do some HIIT in the morning before your first meal.. you will def burn fat.... my advice would be to use the mirror. Its the best tool when you are recomping.. you cant use a scale for that

  3. I don't really have access to cardio in the morning cos I work really early and I will be doing intermittent fasting anyway. Maybe the fast will help with the recomp? I will still be in a slight surplus when I break my fast... hmmm

  4. Is it possible for you to do HIIT in your fasting period? If yes, you dont have to do it in the morning... yeah i know morning cardio sucks.. i wake up everyday at 5:30 to get 44 minutes on the threadmill before work

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