(like to start by saying im not asking for sources lol)

  1. (like to start by saying im not asking for sources lol)

    Sense I have no local sources in my area I was wondering when search websites that sell gear how do you find out if its a scam or not? Lol
    Besides the obvious Google search with scam or legit after the company name. I've done that with about a dozen sites and its always 50/50 or 75/25 one way or another... I guess I'm asking how trusting I should be lol how many here get their test on the web?

  2. I would say take a look at some boards that allow sourcing. Take note of people's post count and if they got the products for free when trying to find opinions about the source. I found a board that is open, regarded pretty highly and has a couple sources that they say are legit. Keep in mind I haven't bought yet so I'm not actually positive on the sources that they talk about.
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  3. Thanks for the input. I've been on afew boards as well that source I'm always just sketchy lol and trust the people here more... I wonder why we can't source here, legal reasons perhaps?

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