Please critique my cycle. Thank you.

  1. Question Please critique my cycle. Thank you.

    Hey guys,

    I'm in the final stage of planning my first non-ph cycle with real gear. I respectfully do not need to go into my routine, my stats or my diet. I just would like to verify that everything looks good with the gear and with my PCT. I'm waiting to start this cycle until I get my body fat a bit lower. So I'm looking at about 1-2 months from now as a starting point. Here's what I've planned:

    Week 1-4: Superdrol 20-30mg ED
    Week 1-10: Test E 2ml/500mg once per week
    Week 1-4: NAC 1500mg ED
    Week 1-14: Finasteride 1.25mg ED
    Week 1-14: Aromasin 12.5 ED
    Week 11-14: Clomid 50/50/25/25

    The finasteride will in theory put me at greater risk for gyno so I'm taking the Aromasin ED instead of EOD. The Aromasin tablets are 25mg and the Clomid are 50, both made by GP. I assume I can split them in half and get an even dose?

    I have enough Nolva for a 30 day PCT, but I don't think I will need it?

    Thank you for your input.

  2. With all due respect, that's a monster cycle. Have you ever considered running just a moderate test cycle?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by TRTDetroit View Post
    With all due respect, that's a monster cycle. Have you ever considered running just a moderate test cycle?
    Hi. 500mg test per week for 10weeks is too crazy? I thought guys were doing far more than this. Do you mean the duration of the cycle is too long or the dosage of test and SD too high? Thanks.

  4. I'm not sure your age but you could pull some really decent gains with 400 a week of test. In doing so you at least see how your body will respond.

  5. I'm 37. Thank you for the feedback.

  6. My pleasure and I wish you the best however it shakes out.

  7. I certainly wouldn't call it even close to a "monster" cycle, it's a test cycle with an SD kicker. Nothing too extreme. How concerned are you about hair loss? If you're genetically predisposed to it, anabolics will speed up the process at which it sets in. I only ask because the side effects of finasteride, IMO, are not even close to worth it. It's been tied to many, many long-term sexual side effects that are enough to make me never touch it. But, all the males in my family have a full head of hair, so I'm not concerned in any way about MPB, so I'm sure we have different mentalities in regards to it.

    Also, Aromasin will do you much better taken twice a day. The half-life is estimated around 9 hours, meaning that twice-daily administration (AM/PM) is optimal. This means, for 12.5 ED, you'd have to get a pill cutter and cut your pills into fourths. Also keep in mind that exemestane's uptake is increased by ~40% when taken with a meal containing 10g or more of fat (it is considered to be a fat soluble substance), so attempting to take it with meals is a good idea.

    Everything else looks good...SD can be a bit harsh, maybe more so than NAC by itself can handle. I would run NAC throughout the entire cycle (test is hepatotoxic, although only very mildly), and during the SD portion add in UDCA or Tudca or SAMe.

    Cranberry extract for kidneys and hawthorn extract for blood pressure also are small, safe precautions to take. But that's just how I personally run all of my cycles.
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    I push myself to limits everyday i train tbh, visited my mum yesterday and she said i looked a bit bigger, she doesnt know about the steroids

  8. Thank you! I appreciate your input. I will split the Aromasin into 2 doses ED. Actually, the only part of what I'm doing that I'm confident in is the Finasteride! I've been taking Finasteride for almost 5 years, without any sexual side effects. IMO, the fina sides don't occur at the small doses for MPB. All the talk is misguided (possibly). People read about side effects to Proscar which is 5mg and assume the same applies to the 1-1.25mg Propecia dosage of the same substance. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe guys are having trouble at the Propecia dosages. I'm not, and nobody I know personally that takes it has any trouble.

  9. You should wait 2 weeks after your last inject for pct. other than that green earth gave you some great info. The difference between 400 and 500mg of test e/c is very minute. If your dosed at 250mg/ml I'd say pin 2 mls and keep it simple.
    I'm just a dude chasing a dream
  10. Question Exemestane dosing

    GP Exemestane tablets cannot be quartered, only halved. They are 25mg triangular tablets. Name:  GP-Exemestane-Geneza-Pharmaceuticals.jpg
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Size:  58.2 KB So stick with one half tablet 12.5mg per day, or up the dosage and take one half tablet twice per day which would be 25mg ED? How about this - do the former and if I start to feel signs of gyno, then do the latter?

  11. We have some misinformation to clear up. The half-life of Aromasin is 27 hours, not 9 hours. So it's active in the body for 54 hours. This is obviously why the EOD dosage is so common and even E3D if often preferred. There no need to split up the daily dosage. What I've decided to do, no thanks to you guys (just being funny), is do 12.5 EOD.

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  12. Incorrect.

    The terminal half-life was 8.9 h. Maximal estradiol suppression of 62 14% was observed at 12 h. The drug was well tolerated. In conclusion, exemestane is a potent aromatase inhibitor in men and an alternative to the choice of available inhibitors.
    27 hours is the half life observed in lab rats...which you are not. You are a full-grown male human being, and the above study conclusively shows aromasin's half-life at 8.9 hours.
    Quote Originally Posted by LiamTaylor View Post
    I push myself to limits everyday i train tbh, visited my mum yesterday and she said i looked a bit bigger, she doesnt know about the steroids

  13. That study states terminal half-life which is different than half-life. "Terminal plasma half-life is the time required to divide the plasma concentration by two after reaching pseudo-equilibrium, and not the time required to eliminate half the administered dose. When the process of absorption is not a limiting factor, half-life is a hybrid parameter controlled by plasma clearance and extent of distribution. In contrast, when the process of absorption is a limiting factor, the terminal half-life reflects rate and extent of absorption and not the elimination process (flip-flop pharmacokinetics). The terminal half-life is especially relevant to multiple dosing regimens, because it controls the degree of drug accumulation, concentration fluctuations and the time taken to reach equilibrium."Also, holy s*@t! did you read those testosterone numbers? 60% and 56% increases! That's incredible. I wonder if Clomid performs that well.


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