To Pulse or not to Pulse...

  1. To Pulse or not to Pulse...

    That, is the question I pose to you all. It will be my first cycle with a Designer (M1T) What are your opinions on how best to cycle it. The most I will take a day is 1 cap and it's at 10mgs. Should I follow Dr.D's pulsing method & run it for up to 8 weeks or use it ED for 2 weeks? Is 8 weeks too long, is 2 weeks too short?? Also is there anybody out there pulsing it right now? I'd love some feed back. A few awesome members have shared their experiences with the ED approach, wondering if there are anyone Pulsing out there. I got my pre-load, 'On" and PCT ideas all ready to go. Just want to nail down the cycle itself now. Thanks for all the info so far, Sincerely Matt.

  2. What's the motivation for pulsing it?

  3. To minimize potential sides. I want to learn if anyone has gotten some good results with this method and if they used M1T even better. Are the modest gains I would get from it worth the minimal sides or do I run it ED and get more sides but of course follow the appropriate protocol to combat those sides?
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  4. If interested in fewer sides I think a better route is taking it everyday at a low dose. I would rather have consistent lower blood levels than a roller coaster with pulsing.

  5. So you think the pulsing would raise and lower my BP? what if I was taking the Hawthorne berry throughout? I have to thank you again SPS for sharing your thoughts with me through this process. It's appreciated.

  6. Shoot! gotta go. I'll be back later.

  7. Any more thoughts guys. People go either way on this subject and both sides have very good points. I really want to thank all who have given their time to answer my questions. I've been given a lot of support here and I'm glad I found The Anabolic Minds site.


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