Masteron enanthate issue

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    Haven't been a board in years--unfortunately I have been using AAS on and off since I was 16.

    I'm 29 now and had a major issue with mast e about three weeks ago. Was running dbol,mast e and cyp. I've stopped and I'm now bridging with test only ,for HRT.

    I experienced excellent vascularity and strength gains off mast e. but , also suffered great paranoia , lashing out and being totally unpredictable .

    I was running 400mg/week of mast e--I've done my research and there's cases of this happening to other lifters.

    Has anyone on here experienced psychosis also from mast e?

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    Yes in high dosages! Mast p is the way to go man. Mast p , test p, and tren a , is the best stack ive ever done. But its also the most expensive combo no matter were you get your gear from

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