Hairloss? Awesome first cycle, please advise.

  1. Arrow Hairloss? Awesome first cycle, please advise.

    From what I read in the Hairloss sticky, all those solutions must be run forever. Since this is only a Test cycle just above TRT, could I simply use a DHT blocker like Minoxidil twice a day for the duration to keep my hair? Or once the cycle is over and I drop the Minoxidil, the damaged hair would start to fall out?

    Here's the cycle started at less than 10% body fat:
    Week 1 Test-E 500mg on Monday and Thursday
    Week 2-12 Test-E 250mg on Monday and Thursday
    Week 13-15 Test-P 100mg EOD for 20 days
    Week 13-16 HCG 1000ui on Monday and Thursday
    Week 17-20 Clomid 50mg ED; Nolva 20mg ED
    Week 1-16 Arimidex when necessary
    Week 1-20 Minoxidil shampoo Morning and Evening ED
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