AMS DecaSARM bridge

  1. AMS DecaSARM bridge

    I am deciding to log this because I haven't seen many logs about this one.

    Age: 24 (25 in September)
    Weightlifting/Training Experience: 6 years
    Weight: 198 (Pre var Cycle) 210 (Post var cycle)
    Height: 5'10
    BF %: estimate around 11%?

    I am 3 weeks into PCT from a 6 week var only cycle @ 80mg /day

    I got two boxes of decaSARM coming in Monday, with a bowflex digital scale with BF calculations so I will update my stats above before I start.

    Going to run it for 5 weeks -
    2 weeks @ recommended dose of 2 caps a day.
    3 weeks @ double dose

    I've read mixed reviews on potency, but it's different for everybody. Open to thoughts/comments.
    Im going to pick a "cutting" plan on to use for these 5 weeks. Not sure what I am bridging to yet

  2. and dont list sources, edit the "amazon" post....

  3. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post and dont list sources, edit the "amazon" post....
    all set, sorry about that. newbie here

  4. Day 1 (6/10/13):
    Weight (PM): 204 1 tab

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