Hey all,

Looking for some tips from you guys! How does this look?

First of course, 2 weeks pre-cycle of Cycle Assist and Liv.52

Running Havoc at 40/40/40/40/40/40 at a 4 hour split
CEL Cycle Assist 6 Caps ED Split AM/PM
Liv.52 2 Caps ED
Normal Supports (Fish Oil, Glucoseamine+Chondroitin, Taurine, Multi)

Wondering if I should run Andro-4 on cycle to keep test higher?

27, 6'0, 180 lbs, 9% BF - this is maybe my 6th cycle but all those were done with average education at best and I am here to try and get it right.

For PCT I am trying hard to find LiquiNovla at 20/20/10/10, will run Erase with it and 4 weeks after, also probably some natural t-boost and also go back to pre-workout (Craze)/creatine (Con-Cret) (not using either on-cycle). Haven't taken creatine in about 2 years...

I really gotta work on my diet, I hope to take in 275G protein per day (about 1.5G x desired body weight) and keep the carbs at an average range @ 3500-4000 calories. It's just unfortunate that I take at least 40% of that in by shakes. I went from 140 in Jan '11 to 190 in Feb '12. Really looking forward to learning a lot here!

Thanks a lot in advance!