Hi All, thoughts?

  1. Hi All, thoughts?

    Alright guys I'm new here, been trawling AM for years but thought it was about time I joined up!

    Here's my stats
    Lifting for 6 years on & off but really got my head in the game about 2 years ago.
    6ft 1, 202lbs. Don't know BF% but that's a recent pic on my avatar.

    Train 5 days a week on average on a 3 day split.
    Do cardio 2-4 times a week for 20-30 mins.

    Feel like I've plateau'd a few months ago, struggling to get strength gains on a lot of lifts and body weight is hard to move.

    Thinking about doing a cycle, I haven't done a real cycle for 4 years since doing 200mg test/400mg deca for 16 weeks, I've done 2 cutting cycles of JUST anavar (controversial!) since then.

    I'm looking to gain roughly 14lbs but have plenty of time to do so, I don't wanna blow up rapidly and obviously.

    Here's my question, would 300 test E & 300mg equipoise a week for 12-16 weeks do the job?

    I'm looking at EQ cause I have the awesome MPB gene which I don't wanna aggravate too much.

    Another question, would nizoral help on cycle or is it bunk?

    Got HCG ready at 500IU bi-weekly during cycle and clomid pct.

    Cheers for any advice in advance.

  2. The EQ dose is pretty low and since it takes a long time to fully take effect you'd probably want to run it out to the upper end of your desired range there.

  3. My issue is that the stuff I can get is MT equitest, so it's a blend 200/200 per ml. Moderately concerned about hair loss but I won't cry about a little. So ideally wanted to avoid higher test doses.

    Do you think I'd struggle to get 14lbs in say 16 weeks then on that dose? What would be recommended?


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