Test e and equipoise cyle

  1. Test e and equipoise cyle

    Hi guys,

    Looking to run a cycle of test e 500mg/pw and eq/ 400mg/pw for 10-12 weeks looking to do a real clean hard looking bulk any opinions on how that looks?

    Also should I run HCG through out course and also along side PCT?

    Was thing of just running nolva and clomid for PCT and starting 2-3 weeks after my last pin


  2. Eq is great but I don't think I would run it less than 600 mg a week

  3. Quote Originally Posted by stopstalking View Post
    Eq is great but I don't think I would run it less than 600 mg a week
    I agree with this too. But depending on your weight and since you're also stacking with test, 400mg should give you good results too. But if you weigh more than 200lbs ish, you should up it to 600mg/week. Also, you should look at adding in an oral kickstart. Maybe Dianabol, Anavar, Anadrol or Superdrol. D-bol, Anadrol or superdrol is good for cheap kickstarts and they work amazing too. Anavar is good, but a little more expensive too.
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