How does this no test cycle look ?

  1. Thumbs up How does this no test cycle look ?

    16 WEEK PLAN (112 Days)
    NO Testosterone Cycle
    Weeks 1-16
    Equipoise - boldenone undecylenate 300-400 mg/wk
    Primobolan 100-200mg /wk
    Winstrol (Stanazolol) 25-50mg/day (350 mg /wk)
    Arimidex .5 mg /day

    Weeks 17-18
    Clomid Dosage (If Used in PCT).
    - 150mg Clomid first day 100 next day 50 mg thereafter for two weeks.
    - .5mg liquidex every other day. (Maybe)

    6400mg EQ
    3200mg Primo
    5600mg Winstrol
    60mg liquid arimidex
    1500mg Clomid

    Dosage (If Used in PCT).
    - 150mg of Clomid the first day. 100 the next day, 50 mg thereafter for three weeks.
    *The other method I've used was Nolvadex and Clomid. Wait 2 weeks after last Test injection and start Clomid 150mg 1st day, 100 the next day, 50mg for next 3 weeks. Nolva 20mg everyday.
    Both of the above will work great for PCT. DO NOT take HCG without Nolva, Nolva is a must with HCG. It will give you gyno quicker than Test will.
    I doubt your boys would go shrink in size on your first cycle so there is probably no need for HCG during this cycle. Although I see on the board where newbies are taking it mid cycle. Guess it wouldn't hurt anything but to me it's a waste. Now if they have shrunken down, it's a different argument. You could use it mid cycle to help get them back up to size but I highly doubt you will see them shrink during your first cycle.

    Does everything seem to be there? Just wondering if anyone with experience wants to scrutinize this*

  2. Why no test?
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    Follow my first cycle!

  3. Looks good...what is your goal here? As lean of gains as you can get would be my guess.
    Doubt you'd need an AI on this cycle but whatever makes you feel comfortable.
    You're really going to run winny for 16 weeks though?
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  4. I'd run a trt dose of test. 200mg per week. It will keep your junk working and make u feel better.

    Up the eq to around 800mg. Only run the winny for 6 weeks on the end of the cycle. You could go 8 weeks but that's pushing it. And primo needs to be around 600mg per week

    I'd run like this. I'm assuming this is a cut cycle.

    Test c 200-300mg week 1-20
    Eq. 800mg. Weeks 1-16
    Primo 600mg. Weeks 1-16
    Winny 50-100mg Ed weeks 16-22

    Pct start week 23

  5. I agree with CSA. Without any test you're going to feel like crap.
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  6. Thumbs up So how about this type of deal*

    16 WEEK PLAN (112 Days)

    Weeks 1-16
    Equipoise - boldenone undecylenate 400 mg/wk (14 weeks) (reason for doing 400 is I am super sensitive and very lean naturally)
    Testosterone Enanthate 200 mg/wk (starting week five, ramp down week 15-16)
    Arimidex .5 mg /day

    Weeks 17-18
    Clomid Dosage (If Used in PCT).
    - 150mg Clomid first day 100 next day 50 mg thereafter for two weeks.
    - .5mg liquidex every other day. (Maybe)

    Looking better?

    Trying to put on clean gains yes. Not looking to bloat out at all but looking to gain some mass. if things go well I can do a bulking cycle next winter..



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