Mild Superdrol (SD-10) cut/recomp

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    Hope you feel better bro! I'm starting my last week of sd and the weight gain this cycle is 15 pounds so far. However I've been lazy, my workouts haven't felt all that great. Still getting the numbers from previous weeks but doesn't feel very focused or motivated to do much. Not really all that horny either, been ignoring the girlfriends desires LOL
    Such is life on cycle. Well It's been almost a full week and I am just now getting over all this ****. I am on day 4 of my antibiotics and feel much better. I actually had strep throat. My lifts/weight have stayed the same so far though so I'm still optimistic. I'm ready to not be sick so I can better gauge how my PCT is going. I am starting to feel like a lot more estrogen is in my body though (good and bad I guess). My joints are no longer bone dry and I feel a little layer of bloat everywhere. Anyway, just wanted to keep you guys up to date on my progress.

  2. Awesome stuff bro, been meaning to check in here lately as well so I'm glad you did. Strep sucks, never had it before though. My throat has been hurting lately, stuffy sinuses and no cardio lol. 174-189 right now and I've been thinking if I had stayed on my diet consistently I'd be 190+ now but oh well successful cycle is successful. 2 more days of SD then 2 weeks of just the Stano. Monday I'm switching my routine over to 5/3/1 BBB which is already somewhat like what I have been doing. My knees have been hurting just getting in and out of the car and today I've finally gotten one of the bad mood swings so I'm glad the cycle is ending now haha.

    Weird how you can be so stoked for a cycle and then towards the end you are more stoked to just get off
    I don't go lift, I don't go workout, I don't go train....I go get as fwuark!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hey guys. Getting ready to place an order today for liquid chlomid. Is a 20ml bottle enough or should I order two??

  4. I lol'ed when I saw "mild" and "superdrol" in the same phrase
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