Logging M-Sten Rx/Trenazone/ Epistane

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  1. Day 1 (pct)

    The worst thing I ever tasted was the sarm s4 but clomid tastes nasty too. Ill start my creatine nitrate tomorrow. Thats my favorite but I have yet to try creatine magnesium malate.

  2. Bout to run something almost identical to this, only question I have for you is did you have to buy 4 bottles of the Trenazone to equal out to 8 wk?
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    Well fellas I recently started a cycle about 11 days ago consisting of Methyl Sten, trenazone, and havoc. Here is my dosing scheme:

    M-Sten 20/20/20/20
    Trenazone 2/2/2/2/2/2/2/2
    Epistane 0/40/40/40/40/40/50

    I'm prepared to deal with the lethargy since I'm not running a test base. Here is a list of some supports I'm running:

    Cycle Assist
    Fish Oil

    I dose 250mg of tudca with each oral dose so about 750mg a day. I space the cycle assist 4 hours apart from my orals.

    So i started Trenazone exactly 11 days ago and Msten 10 days ago. Epistane I just started today. Some measuremenst before cycle:

    Weight: 215
    Height: 6'1
    Body Fat: Roughly 17 percent

    Now as of today I am at 226 pounds. So I have gained 11 pounds thus far. Libido is still good, no shrinkage yet. Had some back pumps today when I dosed epi preworkout. Blood pressure is under control. Nipples are still g2g. The first week I actually felt bloated. Now I can tell the trenazone is kicking since I'm starting to lean up in the midsection. Just to clarify I'm taking advantage of msten and bulking. When I get off ill slowly reduce calories to maintenance so I can lean up a little. Having to cut this short but will update later

  3. I've ran trenazone at 8 weeks at 2ml a day. It took 4 bottles. And it was bad ****ing ass. Ran with dzine.

    Op that sucks about the foot. I blew my knee out yesterday. So I'll be cutting out legs for two weeks then doing light legs for 2 weeks with a brace. Injures are a mother ****er. Over all nice cycle. Make sure ur still able to lift in pct.

  4. Alright boys I'm back. Been trying to take care of everything while crutches, balancing work and home business. It is a sprain and a heel fracture so I'm on crutches for a couple weeks. Still keeping up with pct. I'm noticing hard morning wood now.

    And to answer your question, it took 4 bottles of tzone. A little pricey haha


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