Mechabol Run advice

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    Mechabol Run advice

    So Im 17 days into My Mecha run and thinking of tweaking my original dosing plan.

    Original plan:
    Mech 75 mg > 45 days
    PCT Nolva 20/20/10/10, Creatine, DAA
    Supports NOW NAC 1200 mg, NOW HB 1650mg, NOW MT 600 mg

    Goals here are strength and lean mass. Im 200 lbs 12-14% BF. I ran HRS Promag 25 last summer at 75 75 100 100 125 125 and that treated me well. I started 125 ED some where in the 4th week and thats when things got good. I expected the Mecha to be more potent and faster acting being the "active steroid" methyl clostebol and was hoping to get the most out of my three bottles. Probably a mistake in hind sight. I feel about the same as I did at this point with the promag 25 which is not any different than I did pre cycle. So Should I A) Leave dosing alone and be patient B) Follow dosing protocol like my previous promag 25 cycle or C) Dose higher for remainder of cycle 125-150 mg range? I got plenty of Mecha and Im gooing to run it 4 more weeks. Sides at this point are non existent and only experienced some lethargy with Promag 25 at 125 mg.

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    i did 75/100/100/100/125/125 and gained 16lbs

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