test e/deca cutting cycle

  1. My stats are 6' 225lb 21%bf I've been lifting for 6 yrs. I've just recently got my diet on point previous to this cycle I was 205lbs 25%bf. Macros will be 40/40/20 protein/carbs/fats. Just finishing my first cycle of test-e 750Mg/week and eq 600mg/week. I'm looking to do a cutting cycle in March and want to do deca because of its joint repairing traits.(i had acl surgery 8months ago) I was wonder what someone thought of this cycle.
    Week 1-8 Test-e 750mg/week
    week 9-10 test-e 500mg/week
    week 1-8 deca 500mg/week
    Weeks 1-10 armidex .25 eod
    7 days after last pin 250iu ed hcg for 10 days
    Following that nolva 40/20/20/20

  2. PCT looks good
    Keep test at 750mg/wk no need to taper or drop the dosage (especially w/ DECA)
    DECA should be 1/2 the test dosage..so 375mg/wk instead of 500mgs

    also you might wanna have some caber on hand for prolactin related sides...itll help with decadick if your prone to it
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  3. i know its about the diet but its not gonna be easy to cut with 2 drug that make you hold water. not sayin it cant be done but it aint gonna be easy.

  4. What about adding another compound like mast or anavar. Or should i just cut my bf% with clean diet and a fat burner and do a bulk cycle in a few months?

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