Help with winstrol

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    Help with winstrol

    Hey guys I've got a few cycles under my belt and have used oral winstrol before but want to go to the injectable oil-based its 40mg per ml. What would be a proper dosage weekly?

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    40mg/ml? all the stuff ive seen is 50/ml? is a homebrew?

    and you would run the injectable just like you would the oral so around 50-75mgs a day or around 350-500mgs/wk

    Be carefull though cause it still has hepatoxic properties even as an injection. Take care of your joints if your prone to joint injuries/issues and be sure to keep you lipids in check cause it will EFF your lipids up ...bad

    if you can get it i would reccommend furazabol inlieu of winni. its much easier on the liver and actually has beneficial lipid effects
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