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    First of all I will start with my age, I am 17 years old. I understand I am not allowed to post on this forum, but wish to seek people opinions and thought on my matter at hand. I know what you are all already thinking, too young too young. I have done research and understand the affects that can possibly arise due to running a cycle of test E at my age. I understand that it can damage my Endocrine System and also Stunt my growth. Now, I will give you a brief history of me, I am not your ''average'' 17 year old, I have been lifting for 3 years now, I weigh 86kg (187lb ), am 187cm tall. I have had massive muscle gains in these years of lifting. I am not concerned at all about my growth plates closing due to I am more than happy with my current height and I believe I will not grow much more. I am not here to prove myself to you, I can tell you now I know my diet and nutrition in depth and well. I count my Macros and calories everyday. I am on point with my diet, supplementation and training. I have run 4 weeks of peptides before hand, GHRP6 and MOD IGF, this is not the matter but just giving you more detailed background. I have also taking melanotan 2.

    Now I live in a house with my brother and 3 family friends that I grew up with, they have all begun there Test E cycle with DBOL a few days ago. Ages are 21, 18, 21. I train, eat and live as them all of us having many, many years of training, diet and nutrition experience. We know full well, how to run a cycle, PCT. The ins and outs of it. Again I am NOT your average 17 year old, my body is well more developed than my peers and physiologically I am more mature, all though this means nothing I am just trying to put you in my shoes. I have had blood work done, everything is perfect, liver, blood pressure, testosterone . I will be seeing my doctor every 2 weeks getting blood work done and making sure after PCT everything is fine.

    Now to my cycle, I will be starting as of in the next few days my test e cycle.

    I will take 250mg of test e twice a week.
    I have Armidex during cycle witch I will take 20mg of every other day.
    I have my PCT ready, (Nolvadex ).
    I also have Dbol tabs, my brother is taking them, But i think it is unwise for me to take them. THOUGHT AND SUGGESTIONS!? ( Yes I know the dosage and how long to run them for )

    My brother has done extensive research on steroids , so we know full well how to do a cycle. I have the highest grade, boxed test and PCT products. I wish to pursue my bodybuilding goal, I believe I can be one of the best in the world. I am not a stupid 17 year old. I train, eat to the best of my ability, constantly reading how to perfect my physique. So no don't tell me to go to the nutrition section and try out creatine, please.

    Now what I am asking is what are your thoughts, has any one had experience at my age before? Can I perfect or change my cycle in anyway shape of form? What is the WORST case scenario I can prepare for if my natural testosterone does not stabilize after PCT ( even though this is highly unlikely ). Is it really that detrimental on my endocrine system? ANY OTHER INFORMATION OR ADVICE!?

    I am attaching some pictures to show you my current physique and to stress to you that I have been training long, I do not believe myself to be an amateur. Then again I do not consider myself a professional. Again these photos are not to prove to you anything, just to show you my muscle development and maturity of my age. As you can see I have put a lot of time and effort into writing this, so please take me seriously and post seriously. Thanks.

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  3. Have fun with trt in the future. But seriously at 17, don't do a cycle of testosterone are you kidding me? The damage you are going to do is going to be so detramental to your health. And think long term. Wait another 9 years then do a cycle. You have no idea about the damage your going to cause to yourself.

    Edit - the problem is while your developing your body keeps your hormones in balance. Your going to slam your estrogen with an ai during cycle this will stunt your growth. And your growth plates may never fuse together. More guys with more knowledge will step in and tell you what you don't want to hear

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