liquid trifecta stack, yummy in my tummy

  1. liquid trifecta stack, yummy in my tummy

    first of all this stuff is bad ass! i wish i could take it all the time but my liver would be angry -.- . first off just saying thank you to LG. i started off at 157 pounds currently at 165 and im WAY more lean. and i only got to use it for a little over 2 weeks cuz my gym bag got stolen. im into my first week of pct with formadrol and it seems to be doin what it needs to. starting off i couldnt bench 225 more than twice, yesterday i repped 270 twice =P . my legs were weak and extreamly outa shape, i couldnt squat more than 155, its currently up to 375 once =P . dead lifts were stuck at about 225 max for a while, i can confidently rep 335 twice now. all in all this stuff in only 2 weeks and 3 days turned my body upside down, in a good way. no negative sides at all. didnt get oily skin, acne and the aggression was BEASTLY but only towards the weights lol. anyway..a before and after pic. remember this is in 2 weeks! i didnt get to finish god dammit >.< . my gf is goin nutz over this by the way. thanks again LG.
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    the after picture is from yesterday, formadrol is helping me lean out a bit. strength is all still there, in fact im still makin slow strength gains.

  2. p.s. - i was flexing as hard i could in that before pic! just standing there in my after =D

  3. dude thats amazing progress. why dont you PM me your shipping info so we can help you out after losing your gym bag some greedy bastard.
    srs. you need to try again in a few weeks. just run you pct until next week will be plenty after a 2 week course.. then wait a couple more weeks before you start up again. LG... man. bring it! dont sing it!. awesome pics. jaw has been dropped.

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