1. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!

    Hello all!

    I was going to run this cycle next week but my dealer says he is out of aromasin and armidex and the only AI he has now is Letro.he told me its ok to run my cycle without an AI and just use nolvadex if I feel a sore nipple because my dosages "aren't high enough"to cause gyno and high estrogen related sides,And I don't want to use Letro because it's too strong as you still need some estrogen in your body for health and muscle growth etc,so my question now is SHOULD I START THIS CYCLE WITHOUT AN AI OR GO WITH LETRO?THANKS ALOT the cycle is:

    500-750 mg testosterone Enthanate a week for 12 weeks.
    500 mg deca a week for 10 weeks
    dianabol 20-40 mg 3-6 weeks.
    Proviron 50-100 mg 12 weeks.

    Thanks a lot for your time and any help is appreciated

  2. Arimidex is easy to get online. Better safe than sorry. And 750 a week is more than enough to cause gyno

  3. Thanks a lot for the reply crispy so you wouldn't recommend letro for this cycle? and someone at my gym told me Nolvadex at 10-20 mg ED on cycle should keep gyno away or an AI is a must on a cycle like this?

  4. Have you cycled before? If not you have no way of knowing if you're gyno prone. Just get it and be safe

  5. This is my first cycle :P

  6. Then it's better to be safe. Coughing up a few bucks for an AI is worth not having bitch tits forever.

  7. I agree,thanks again for the help crisp

  8. If it comes down to it bro and you still can't get your hands on an AI the best OTC is erase. I had a few bottles laying around when I cycled and thought I'd try it and see if it works. I still have an unopened bottle of aromasin....


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