shortys stano/epi log

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  1. shortys stano/epi log

    Heyyy going to be running an 8 week cycle. super stoked to run this ive been doing alot of research over the past few months and im finally prepeared. ive been preloading hawthorne extract 600 mg a day for the past 6 days cycle will start tommorow. If you see anything that needs critiqing im open for it.
    Stano elite 450/600/600/600/600/750/750
    epimaxx 0/0/36/36/36/36/36/54 depends on sides here
    glucosamine/msm/chron 4-6g daily
    taurine 3-6g daily
    cycle assist 8 pills a day
    32x multi vit 2 a day
    vitamin c 3g daily
    hawthorne extract 600 mg daily
    vitamin b6 1 a day
    fish oil 5g daily
    creatine mono3-5g daily

    nolva 20/20/10/10
    daa 3g/3g/3g/3g
    reversitol v2 0/0/3/2/2/1
    t911 liquid 3ml a day
    and all my support sups will stay the same in pct

    im 22 5.7 141lbs im trying to put on 10 lbs from this cycle
    macros while on 325 carbs 250 protein 80 fats 3100-3400 cals a day
    traning will be 3 days then 1 rest ect
    wasnt to sure i wanted to run a ph but i said what the hell so here we go,any advice or tips would be sweet. agian cycle will start tommorow

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  3. day 1: today was day 1! yeah buddy excited to finally get the show on the road. i work the night shift so my schedule is going to be different but im used to it by now so it shouldnt be a problem. Woke up at 3pm took my first dose right away with a cup of oatmeal and 3 hardboiled eggs. Hit the gym about two hours later. today was a rest day so i just walked on the treadmill at 3.8 with an incline anywhere from 7.0-11.0 for 30 min.
    My traning split will be something like this 1. chest/back 2.legs/calves/traps 3.shoulders/bi;s/tri's hitting it 3 days on and 1 days of rest repeat. For the first part of the week i hit these excercises with a rep range of 8-12 and second part of the week or second time i hit that body part i do something like 5-3-1. Ill prolly do this most of my cycle might change it up well see consist of jasmine rice,cottage cheese,oatmeal,chicken,fish,be ans,greens in college so affording the groceries is tough but i do my best to eat clean. As of right now dosing will be like this: stano/ epi first dose right when i get up with multi vit,fishoil,flax oil,vit c,glucosamine,hawthorne extract this is usually around 3pm
    hit the gym at 4.30pm or 5 creatine right b4
    take my cycle assist and creatine with postworkout meal around 6.30
    second dose of epi/stano around10pm or 10.30 with fishoil,flax oil,vit c,multi vit,vit b6,
    thirdose of stano/epi 4am glucosamine, hawthorne extract
    cycle assist beore bed at 7am with fish oil,flax,vit c,
    thats the basics of it ill throw in taurine preworkout when needed. since my fist two weeks are lose dose stano ill prolly continue to run my pwo at half the dose while watching my bp and will try to eliminate it when i hit the epi. i will be posting more pics soon. tonight hopefully. leg day tommorow stoked

  4. Day 2: Today was leg day! love hitting the legs and cant wait to set some new prs on squats and deads.
    leg press 15*90 7*230 5*270 3*320 1*360
    squats 12*95 7*155 5*175 3*185 1*195
    deadlifts 12*135 7*205 5*245 3*275 1*285
    brarbell lunges 20*75 3 sets
    shrugs on guided chest machine 3 plates on each side 3*12
    dumbell shrugs 12*60 3 sets
    standing leg curls 12*35 7*45 7*65 7*65
    seated calf raises toes inward 10*25 toes straight 10*25 toes outward 10*25 3 sets of these

    feeling goood at the gym my mind is focused and just knowing im dosing has got me hittin it harder even tho it will prolly be a week or two before it really kicks in. weight is 140-141 trying to smash food but clean food. Not much else to add as of now, ill dose how i did yesterday in the above post that seems to work good for right now. yeah buddy

  5. Macros for day 2: 3423 cals 431g carbs 90g fat 229g protein. Pretry high on the carbs here oh well. All my protein comes from solid food no protein shakes at the moment

  6. In on this brother! Kill it man!

  7. Thanks man glad your with me. Day 3: nothing special to note I was going to hit the gym but im still getting over a cold so I decided to rest kick back and watch college football. Glad to see my fighting irish won. I did hop on the treadmill and do 30 min at 3.8 and an incline of 7.5 . I did pick up some more liver support today can never have to much liver protection. Ill prolly just dose that the same time I dose my cycle assist. Tommorow will be shoulder bi's and tri's im ready to get it in.

  8. Time to eat my friend!!!

  9. 3200 cals a day or eat more? Just eat like a horse

  10. Day 3 macros were 3150 cals 87g fat 371g carbs 229g carbs

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Shorty6890
    3200 cals a day or eat more? Just eat like a horse
    Anabolics are going to make you want to eat and drink more either way, but yeah bro up your calories if you are going for a bulk, just don't eat shiit! You got some good genertics, now time to grow and get beastly. Are you training heavy?

  12. yeah man heavy lifts I hit deads and squats 2 times a week and i think i might throw in a compound lift like everyother day. whats your thoughts? im gunna up my cals to 3500-3700 then here in the next week and see what happens shoot maybe when i really get going ill just eat like 4000-4200

  13. Yo bud save creatine for pct

  14. Quote Originally Posted by j05441 View Post
    Yo bud save creatine for pct
    does it hurt to run it through? tryin to make as big of gains as i can

  15. day 4: felt great in the gym today worked out for a solid hour and a half. routine was shoulders/bi's/tri's!
    clean and press 15*45 7*85 7*85 5*95 5*95 3*105 1*115
    dumbell press 7*45 5*50 3*55 1*65 7*45
    lever one ar shoulder press 7*55 7*60 7*60
    rear delt machine 7*65 7*75 7*80 7*80
    standing rear delt rowss with rope 7*60 7*60 7*60 7*75
    rear dumbell latteral raises 7*20 3 sets

    Barbell curls 10*65 8*70 8*70 superset with
    Tricep rope pulldowns 10*75 8*85 8*85

    Hammer arm curl machine 10*70 8*75 8*75 superset with
    decline skull crushers 12*20 10*25 8*30 idk what the bar weighed that i was using i assume around 15 twenty pounds

    close grip preacher curls 10*40 8*40 8*40 superset with
    single arm tricep extensions 12*17.5 10*17.5 8*20
    so ready to just hit like the third week of this cycle but paqtience is the key. like wrxwhit said im going to be upping my cals a few hundred over the next few days. other then that all is good ready to get swolled up

  16. day 4 macros cals 3510 fat 93 g carbs 406g protein 242g

  17. are you taking the stano preworkout? i'm running the same stack using stano 200 and lgi's ep-10.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by BigSWOLE25 View Post
    are you taking the stano preworkout? i'm running the same stack using stano 200 and lgi's ep-10.
    yeah right now im still in week 1 so its just the stano alone but im dosing it about an 1hr to an hour and half before workout with a meal that has some carbs and fat. Its my morning meal since i workout right when i get up so its usually oatmeal and eggs. How far along are you in the cycle?

  19. Today is day 5 and it was leg and traps day! love legs and also i really need to build my traps so i hope to make some nice gains in both these areas. At the gym i had lots of energy but i think my bp was getting high bc my face was gettin pretty red, i need to get a meter. The plan is to stop dosing my pwo.
    squats: 12*45 12*95 12*135 12*155 12*165 12*165
    Romanian deads 15*45 12*135 12*185 8*225
    Plate loaded leg press 15*180 12*225 10*270 8*315
    Leg extension 12*140 10*140 8*150
    standing leg curls 12*50 10*55 8*60
    dumbell lunges 20*30 2 sets

    traps:Barbell shrugs front and rear 12*135 12*185 12*185 8*205 superset each set with
    standing calf raises on smith machine 30*90 20*180 5*270 10*180 30*90 50*90 the (underlined part means no rest)
    30 min on the arc trainer
    it was a pretty solid workout i hit it for like an hour and ahalf plus the 30 on the arc trainer. im housing food so my cals should be up a bit more, ill update my macros a bit later!

  20. Finally!! excited to see how it goes bro! 'IN' late

  21. Quote Originally Posted by GoGetSwole
    Finally!! excited to see how it goes bro! 'IN' late
    Yeah buddy glad your in. you about to start yours here soon

  22. Quote Originally Posted by Shorty6890

    Yeah buddy glad your in. you about to start yours here soon
    Yea yea, any day here brah.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by GoGetSwole

    Yea yea, any day here brah.
    Good man did you decide whats its gunna be? Tren epi? Or what and make sure you lemme know when ya start bc im for sure in on it

  24. sorry i forgot to post day 5 macros so here the are. cals 3303 fats 91g carbs 401g protein 205g.

    Today was day 6 still really nothing to note i am feeling great at the gym and im ready to crush this cycle. Today was chest/back
    Incline bench 15*45 12*95 7*135 5*145 3*155 1*175 4 working sets
    Dumbell press 12*50 7*60 5*65 5*70 3*75 1*75 4 working sets
    Decline bench 7*135 7*135 5*145 3*155 1*175 5 working sets superset with
    Weighted wide grip pullups 8*25+ bodyweight 6*30+bw 6*30+bw 3*45+bw
    guided fly machine? 7*150 5*180 3*195 3*200 1*210 whatever rep im on is how long i hold this lift at the top and squeeze. Superset with
    close reverse grip pullups 6*35+bw 3 sets 3*55+bw
    Tbar row close grip 7*180 5*205 3*225 1*225
    Bentover barbell row 7*95 5*115 3*135 3*135
    seated row 7*135 7*135 5*150 3*160 superset with
    one arm barbell rows 7*45 3 sets
    Spent a good 1.5 hrs at the gym. Also just to let you know i always warm up for ten minutes on the treadmill or arc trainer before i lift. Blood pressure seems to be good i am dosing 900 mg to 1g of hawthorne a day. Anyone know what a good dose on the extract is? And what else is good for bp?
    Decline bench 7*135

  25. Cals 3314 fat 89g carbs 387g protein 212

  26. Quote Originally Posted by Shorty6890
    Cals 3314 fat 89g carbs 387g protein 212
    ^ day 6 macros^

  27. it has been one week today of dosing at 450 mg of the stano. Ill prollyweigh in once a week, today i weighed 141.5 so im up a pound and a half so far. Ready to see that scale hit 150-153. Today was my day off so i just hit thirty min on the arc trainer and some abs
    Side bends with a 45 pound plate 25*45 4 sets
    Rope crunches 12*75 15*95 20*105
    half crunches 30 *3 sets
    Thats about it..ill post my macros later

  28. Day 7 macros cals 3105 fat 90g carbs 370g protein196g

  29. Today is day 8 im feeling great! it could be my head but i feel like im starting to look more veiny and cut up. I upped the dosage of stano to 600 thats what ill run it at most of the cycle maybe bump to 750 the last few weeks. Today was shoulders bi's and tri's
    Clean and press 15*45 12*65 12*85 10*95 8*105
    Overhead dumbell press 12*40 12*45 8*50 8*50
    Standing rear delt rows with rope 12*60 12*60 12*65 superset with
    Rear delt machine 12*70 3 sets

    Lever one arm shoulder press 10*55 10*55 8*60 Thats 10 with left arm 10 with right and then 10 with both hands side to side without stopping 3 sets. superset with
    rear dumbell flys 12*17.5 12*20 10*20
    barbell curls 8*75 8*75 8*75 10*65 8*65 12*55
    hammer curl machine 8*70 10*65 12*60 superset with
    decline skullcrushers 12*20 10*30 8*35 12*25 plus whatever the bar weighs
    Close grip preacher curls 8*40 3 sets superset with
    tricep rope pulldown 10*75 8*80 8*80
    i felt great at the gym got lots of energy and want to just keep going. ill update my macros laterrr

  30. I'm two and a half in. I was running epi solo and just decided to add the stano Monday. I'm running the epi at 50mg now and the stano at 800. I'm contemplating bumping the epi to 60mg. So far it's been a good cycle, shedding bodyfat but the scale is actually up a pound. My cals are right around 2100.

  31. Quote Originally Posted by BigSWOLE25
    I'm two and a half in. I was running epi solo and just decided to add the stano Monday. I'm running the epi at 50mg now and the stano at 800. I'm contemplating bumping the epi to 60mg. So far it's been a good cycle, shedding bodyfat but the scale is actually up a pound. My cals are right around 2100.
    Nice nice man are you logging it? Id like to sub to it if you are. I bumped my stano up to 600 today and start the epi next thursday so not to much happening yet

  32. Day 8 macros 3125 cals 88g fat 394g carbs 194g protein. I need to go grocery shopping so I can up my cals

  33. Today was day 9. Leg day yes! i really just started hitting legs agian these past few months so im definatley going to be hitting some new prs! wich happened today on my squat! Also to note i picked up some NAC and ill dose that 2 times a day with my cycle assist and liver support.
    Squats 12*45 7*145 5*175 3*195 3*205
    romanian deads 12*45 7*225 3*275 3*275 7*225 7*225
    plate loaded leg press 7*225 5*270 3*360 1*405 7*270
    smith machine standing calf raises 50*90 25*135 10*180 10*200 25*135 40*90 underlined part means no rest here, drop set
    Barbelll shrugs 15*135 10*185 12*155 superset with
    hip abduction 12*75 12*85 10*95
    shrugs with guided flat bench machine 12*180 12*270 12*270
    felt great at the gym energy is on blast hoping that this hurricane doesnt effect my schedule or anything since we will prolly lose power. plan to buy lots of canned food and stuff so i can keep my cals and protein up

  34. Day 9 macros 3410 cals 89g fat 410g carbs 243g protein

  35. todays day 10 just chillen watching my irish play tonight. Game of the year! today is my day off i walked 30 minutes on the treadmill at 3.8 and an incline of 7.5 i also did 3 sets of side bends with a 45 pound plate. Nothing else to note really

  36. Day 10 macros 3025 cals 91g fat 370g of carbs 200g protein

  37. today is day 11. i am feeling great energy levels are way up and im killin it at the gym. today was chest and back. i warmed up with a 10 min walk at 3.8 and incline of 7.5
    Flat bench 12*45 12*95 10*145 8*155 8*165 8*155 12*135
    decline bench 12*135 8*155 8*155 8*135
    rear delt fly machine 12*75 10*95 10*98
    incline dumbell press 10*50 8*50 3 sets superset with
    one arm rows 10*50 3 sets
    dumbells together for flat bench 10*40 10*45*3 sets superset with
    wide grip weighted pull ups 8*25 +bw 7*30+bw 6*35+bw 3*45+bw
    reverse grip close hand pullups 7*30+bw 6*35+bw 6*35bw 3*45+bw superset with
    guided chest fly machine 12*150 10*150 3 sets
    tbar row close grip 12*70 8*90 8*100 12*70
    im in virgina and that hurricane is rolling through so i might have to take tommorow off and rest if the gyms are closed, also my macros may be a bit lower depending on things but im going to try to keep them up there. i decicded to weigh in today and i was at 142.1. scoop. ill post my macros later

  38. macros 3400 cals 121g fat 382g carbs 194g protein i ate a little crazy bc i went out to eat but no biggie i got legs tommorow depending on the weather so ill be good

  39. Nice thread so far brah. Stay safe during the storm. Looks like one helluva hurricane.


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