I'm 29, lifting a few years, 6'1 - 205lbs, 12-14% bf. This will be my third and fourth cycle.

Looking to run two cycles before summer next year. I've ran orals, and Test E in the past with fairly good results, and an OK diet. I've switched to a high protein, fat, low carb diet the past few months. My strength fell off some but have actually came back the same lifts as when I was on. I didn't feel too bad after the E @ 500/wk with only Clomid PCT. I did end up with some bacne about 3 weeks after PCT ended though which I thought was weird.

Mid October:
Test E 250 @ 2xwk 12 weeks
Deca 300 @ 1xwk 12 weeks
Got Clomid, Formastanzol & Erase

I'm undecided on the time between this and my next cycle, I may just have blood tests to be sure. I want to get this in before late summer, but if its not going to work so be it.

Test E 250 2xwk 10wks
Masteron 100 2xwk 10wks (I'm not for sure on this, but have read and heard great stuff about it, would also help with estrogen)
Winny Oral 50mg ED last 4 weeks.

I've thought about just going for the Test E/Masteron for the first cycle, and Test E/winny next spring. My goal is to gain more lean muscle, mainly on my pecs ha, and cut down below 10% bf a little quicker.