Advice with stacking finaflex 1-andro

  1. Advice with stacking finaflex 1-andro

    A little background information. This will be my first time cycling with pH. I have a good diet, 6 meals a day plus 2 protein shakes a day, no garbage food. I work out 4-5x a week, high intensity low reps. I have good sleeping patterns. All-around healthy. I have hit my plateau in my lifting and i only weigh 140. ( i am a small guy at my age ). I am looking for advice on stacking with finaflex 1-andro and proper dosing. I have not started the cycle but it So far my cycle will look like 2pills/2x a day, cycle support, 1pill/2x a day and PCT 1pill/2x a day. What would be a good wet pH to cycle with finaflex cause i have been doing research for couple months now and i want other people's opinions. I was looking at halo-v halodrol to stack on top of it.

  2. If it's your first cycle I would just start with one ph and see how it goes. Stacking is for later cycles.

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