AH/AE/AM/AB, the ultimate recomp cycle

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    I will probably get bloods done post PCT. I just need to learn how to do it without myphysician.I realize that 914 is high, I would be personally satisfied with 700+.
    privatemdlabs.com is super affordable and confidential. -Matt

  2. Quote Originally Posted by MattPorter View Post
    privatemdlabs.com is super affordable and confidential. -Matt
    Yep, the thread discusses that option: Cheap Bloodwork - How to Get It WITHOUT Insurance
    Just inject.

  3. Thanks for the info guys.

    So workouts have been phenomenal, best workouts of my lifting career. The pump I get makes my skin feel like it's about to rip. All my lifts have gone up drastically. Yesterday I set a PR on bench of 225 x 2.

    Weight 176
    arm measured 15.125 after workout which is the largest they have ever been.

    So this is really kicked in now, I am loving it. We will see what I can make out of this the next two weeks. I am going to start sustain Saturday, I have been using TCF since Monday.

    Pictures will be up in 2 weeks the last day of my cycle, also I will post a comparison pic from about a year ago of me at 160-165ish

  4. Very nice update my man!
    Just inject.

  5. So classes are cancelled today and tomorrow thanks to sandy.

    hitting the gym later today, I'm excited
    it's back focus day!

    So I was ordering some nootropics this weekend and found 11-oxo powder from a smart powder supplier and couldn't resist getting 10grams for 22$! I am going to run it at 300mg until week 11 is over and come week 12 I will up it to 600+mg. This will be a mini bridge into pct hopefully making it smoother

  6. So this is the last three weeks plan, today is week 10 day 2 - day 65.

    2 AndroDrive 9,10,11
    4 AndroMass 9,10,11
    4 Androhard 9,10,11
    3 pumps AE 9,10,11
    11-oxo powder 11,12 500/750. (any thoughts on dosage ?)


    Toco-8 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15
    I also have bulk 1-carboxy which I can use if I have any signs of gyno. i used it before when they felt sensitive and it helped. I might grab inhibit-p incase

    LH stimulation
    TCF-1 9,10,11,12
    Test powder 13,14,15,16

    Estrogen control
    4/4/4/5/5 sustain alpha 10,11,12,13,14
    AI Sports Post cycle support (trans-resveratrol, quercetin, icariin, piperine) for weeks 12,13,14,15??? This would complement sustain and provide a good dose of resveratrol. This would eliminate the need for erase.
    e3d/eod/eod/eod/1/1/1/1/1. Erase Pro 12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20

    Natural Anabolic
    Anabeta OG (finishing less than half a bottle I have). 11,12
    Anabeta Elite. 13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20

    Natty Test Booster
    VidaTest 12,13,14,15,16,17

    TONS of calories and lots of gym time to maintain.

    Post PCT I am going to take a 6-8 week break off supplements

  7. Workout today was fantastic, my endurance is amazing right now. I added some workouts in between my normal routine lol. Strength is amazing as well, I added weight and reps on bench, shoulder
    press, and biceps.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by MattPorter View Post
    privatemdlabs.com is super affordable and confidential. -Matt
    Thanks for the link, post pct I will get bloods done with a female hormone panel. I will post them as well.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Austinmck17 View Post
    Thanks for the link, post pct I will get bloods done with a female hormone panel. I will post them as well.
    Nice to hear.

    And stay safe during the storm.
    Just inject.

  10. life and school has gotten hectic lately.. I had a genetics, psych, and microbio exam. I haven't been to the gym since Sunday because of how much I have been studying. Gonna finish strong the next week and half

  11. Gym has been amazing lately although my shoulder has been feeling different and painful. Pumps are unbelievable along with vascularity. I will update new pictures after the cycle is all said and done as well as a final review for the whole cycle and my new lift numbers. I made lots of good progress and almost hit my goal weight. I will do a final weigh in on saturday and I won't post weight until then. Sorry for the scattered updates on this

  12. Cool man, glad it is all good still.
    Just inject.

  13. Happy thanksgiving! Definitely adding some weight after all this food lol. Sorry I haven't posted, this past week was time consuming as hell.

    Results from these 12 weeks have been amazing I have leaned out and got harder, denser muscles. I will post pictures soon. I am using 11-oxo to bridge into pct so total cycle will be about 13weeks :91days

    I have gotten a PR on everything I have done so all in all I'm a lot stronger. I owe a good deal of it to the workouts I've used throughout these past 3 months. I need to work on getting some more size in my arms and back next. My goal weight is 185 and I am at about 170-175


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