1. SD + EPI STACK with PICS

    hey everyone today is day one decided on a recomp this round
    sd 20/30/30/40
    this is my 2nd sd/epi cycle only this time is a little more bridge than last time this is my 4th complete cycle . im coming off elbow surgery so my gains in strength will be measured in my reps added and little bit of weight added while maintaining 6-12 reps . starting weight (fat)212 today morning weight.
    bench-225x12 rp
    squat 315x15rp
    these are my core lifts as of today havent lifted in 2xweeks.all my workouts will be based off these with no more than 2 days on and no more than 1 day off. will have some 2 a days. minimal cardio. my diet will be whatever i want . at least 4000+ cals and 350+ protein with no added salts. i burn carbs pretty easy, and i can lose or gain weight pretty easily also.
    [ATTACH]63416[/ATTACHstarting pic from yesterday remember no liftin for 2+ weeks no pum p nothing
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  2. 0900 sd-10mg, fish oil 2g ,chromium p. 2g, multi 5eggs/2piece wheat toast lunch tbd. tonight 2100 same 2300 cel cycle asisst
    will update in the morninjg with workout and meal

  3. squats today deep 135X20 225x20 315x15 x10 x10 x10 seated calf raises 2plates AMAP 4 sets single leg leg press 4plates x10rp x4 sets single leg lun ge barbell in squat rack 135lbs x10rp x4 sets exausted took a nap

  4. Subbed...nice base man you should blow up pretty nicely
    Email me for free prodigy samples
    [email protected]

  5. Have you ran SD at 40?



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