Seccon cycle, need advice

  1. Seccon cycle, need advice

    Stats 6'1
    Weight: 200 about 15%bf
    I'm trying to gain about 20 pounds of lean muscle in the next 3 months

    so I've decided on

    Anadrol 50 mg ED
    Week 1-4

    Test E week 1-12 1.5(cc) every 3 days
    Deca week 1-10 1.5 (cc) every 3days

    Milk thistle to flush the liver
    not to sure what is best as a pct
    I've heard of something called ACT, any thoughts on would be great as well as a support

  2. why not replace the drol with dbol? mg for mg dbol is better and I think it has less sides than drol

  3. Yeah that wouldn't be my choice of cycle trying to gain lean muscle. Deca and dbol you will end up holding a lot of water.

  4. I know the gains with drol are insane but
    "quick to gain quick to go"
    Also I haven't looked into dosage for dbol
    Any idea?

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