Cutting stack help + clen -

Cutting stack help + clen

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    Cutting stack help + clen

    I finally got my hands on xtreme shred(orastan-a) so i'll be running it alongside Halo Extreme IML.
    W1:Shred 100mg, hdrol 50mg
    W2:Shred 100mg, hdrol 75mg
    W3:Shred 100mg, hdrol 75mg
    W4:Shred 150mg, hrdol 100mg

    now where should i throw Clen in this shorter cycle, im not doing it post since cutting isn't desired post cycle.

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    Clenbuterol isn't only about cutting,it has Anti-Catabolic powers and can fight cortisol.If I were you I'd put it post but if you wanna fit it through your current cycle then 2 weeks on 2 weeks off or you can start using keto/bernd at week 3 each night b4 bed to keep the clen effective as its no longer affective around 2 weeks.

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