Winie help

  1. Winie help

    Okay I need some help. I just found out that I have fatty infiltration of the liver and need to loose some weight. I'm getting my diet under control. I have been lifting for 6 months. Will winie help with my liver problems or just hurt it more? Is there a better one to try?

  2. Omg is this op serious....

  3. Yes it is. I just want to know if it will hurt my liver more or help in the long run.

  4. Hey man if I were you I would just stick to a sweet diet plan. Not worth even risking it when you could just stick to a natural way that could potentially have the same results over time.

  5. Yes it is sorry if I sound stupid but everyone I talk to said get a cutter. I did some research but haven't found much in the way of my problem. I just want to know if it will help or or hurt

  6. I have also been told that thistle milk will help protect your liver when using any thoughts?

  7. I dont know too much about AAS but If I were you I would deffinitly get some liver supports like Liv52 and milkthistle and stay away from oral's... And if you were going to do a cutting aas I would probably get Winstrol or Primo ... (dont take my word for it tho thats just what I think)

  8. Don't listen to him, Just stick with your diet "calorie deficient" + lots of cardio & weights. Remember everything starts with diet and ends with diet.


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