Deca dick

  1. Deca dick

    I'm in week 4 of a test/deca/drol/aromasin cycle and I'm pretty sure I'm having issues staying hard. I can get hard but can't stay there long. This is def not gonna work for me, especially since i hear it can cause permanent problems. If I drop the deca from the cycle now, should I take a pct? Or just keep going with the other gear and aromasin.

  2. Just add caber! .5mg 2x a week

  3. Is that going to prevent permanent ED?

  4. I can't answer that, there r risks with all Aas/ph/ds. Everyone responds different, but most people when using any of the nandrolone's experience some type of sides. If ur worried about permanent sides I would stop using all Aas. If ur willing to run the risks I'd get some caber and get prolactin under control. And next time run tren it has more sides but ur junk will still work.

  5. Might add some Viagra too.

  6. I'm liking your stop all aas idea. I'm cool with sides...just not that one. You think i'm okay to just drop it and add Tren?

  7. No I'd give the deca time to get out of ur system, I think it takes like two weeks

  8. Thanks for the help buddy.

  9. Wish I could of been more use. Hope the dick gets better so u can start slay'n ho's.


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