Cycle Results. m1t super1+ m5aa

  1. Cycle Results. m1t super1+ m5aa

    Wrapped up the cycle today.

    Consiting of:

    super1+ double dosed weeks 1-4
    m1t- 10mg's 15 days, 5mg'sfor 5days
    m5aa-20mg preworkout weeks 1-4

    Had to drop the m1t, lowerback tightness was excessive.

    Protien 400 g
    Carbs started at 200g, cycled up to 350. added 50 grams perweek
    Fat-70 grams.

    Diet was very clean during the week, on the weekends i overate and had some cheat meals.

    Mood was ****ty allot of times. Bloating was excessive, i lost a decent amount after dropping m1t.
    Lethargy was also an issue.
    Sex drive was good though.

    I had my blood pressure taken in the middle of the third week and the results were in the optimal range.

    I will take my body comp in a few hours, and post my results later tonight.

    Next cycle
    1t cyp, 4ad cyp, m14ad, mohn, m1t.

  2. Interesting results so far. I ran the same compounds but slightly different cycling method/doses for 6 weeks total. How were the strength gains? Look forward to seeing some bodycomp measurements. Most of my gains in bodyweight came in weeks 1-3. Curious as to how your gains were distributed and also when the compounds kicked in.

  3. Stength gains were good, pretty much went up in every exercise everyweek. There was always improvement.

    Body comp:

    Im 5'8''

    Fat %-8.8%

    Fat %-9.9%
    Fat- 20.4

    Net gain:

    As far as kicking in M1t hit in about 3 days, and for super1 id say about 2.5weeks, around the time i was dropping and eventually eliminating the m1t. So it worked pretty well.

    As far as the huge LB, and lbm gain, im holding a pretty great deal of water. So ill see how pct goes and ill repost my results through pct.

    as far as distribution of gains I will have to check my spreadsheet and repost. I know i gained 7lbin the first week. Also take into account that i was increaseing carbs, and my training volume.

  4. That's awesome gaining. Good work

    That next cycle looks deadly (in a bad way) too make methyls in there man....
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  5. Thanx man

    yea i know it might be a little ruff.

    although i dont plan on using more then 1 methyl at a time, unless i throw m5aa in.



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