M-Drol cycle, time to step it up!

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  1. M-Drol cycle, time to step it up!

    so i sit here a week out from starting my first correct mdrol cycle. i say correct because i took a clone years ago, not knowing what it was and did next to no pct, damn did i get lucky. my background consists of 3 years of powerlifting, competed at 198 nothing great but i went 465/345/500 all in competition. i miss it alot but i just dont have the time nor money to drive a hour away twice a week to train and to swing meets on weekends. i have done about 5 cycles some hdrol, mdrol clone, and one or to i cant remember the names of. i have loved them all so far and this shall be the best i want to post my workouts this week to remember where i was before the cycle.

    cyle will be liver armor and mdrol dosed at 20/20/30/30 dosed 6 and 3 liver dosed at 10 and 8
    pct novla: 40/20/20/10 eod for last week- erase 1/2/3/3/2/1 daa 3/gs a day probably the whole 6 weeks(any input?)

    diet goes
    bfast -cup of oatmeal
    lunch meals- (2) 6-8 oz chicken w/ cup of cooked rice
    (2) big sandwiches about 6 oz of turkey or chicken coldcuts cheese n bread sometime salami/ pepperoni
    dinner (what eva is made) and one to two shakes pwo will be karbolic w/ a shake after it

    and some random snacks when i can smart phone app has it at around 4000 cal a day i just started eating like this about two weeks ago and my girl already told me shes seeing changes(most just composition ive notice some fat loss around the mid section) C+C welcome and encouraged

    also taking bcaa, creatine, animal flex, elbows are rough shape some days. may end up using a gainer shake instead of a protien shake depending how im feeling with my meals and gains

    i will try to get my b/f this week i hope it would be near 14? but like i said its all hopes haha thanks for reading guys

  2. Start out at 10mg to get used to it. Sometimes if you jump to high on the SD it will give you harsh sides. Start at 10 to see how it feels and move up as needed

  3. I've read that altho I wondered about it I think I may start the first few days at ten...

    Work out went
    flat bench 135-8 155-8 185-8. 225-8 245-8 265-5
    Incline dbs 70-8 80-8 90-8
    ~incline fly 35-10 X3
    Machine fly 180-10. 220-10 140-12

    Db curls 40,45,50. Superset with bw pushups
    Ez bar 75-10 95-8x2
    Concentration curl 25 to fail X 3

  4. Subbed in.... which companies Mdrol (IronMahLabs, Hard Rock, etc..)?

  5. leg day this morning, i just started squatting recently again, i have to herniated and bulging disks in my back and they like to act up, more often than not today was no dif.

    cambered bar- (helps my shoulder pains)135-8 185-8 225-8 275-8 315-3 all below parallel
    d/l 135-5 (conventional) 225-5 sumo 315-3 done back started up, i had been pulling 3 sets of 5 the past two weeks, again just startin tryin to get my base back
    ghetto ghr, 3 sets of 8 b/w
    lying leg curls 140-8X3 supersetted with standing calf- racked
    and some 60 lb db single arm snatches

    im really looking to improve these numbers as well as i just improve my lower back strength and maybe the disks will stop bothering me as much i know when i pl'd the heavy training actually helped my back.

  6. got bf measured yesterday 15% at 215 on my home scale

  7. 5'10 215 15%? Who measured your bodyfat? If this is right man you are huge, cut to 8% for summer you'll look like a beast lol. What is your goal weight and bodyfat? Btw im subbed to see some results. Good luck.
    “Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.” -R.I.P Zyzz-

  8. Quote Originally Posted by johnny75
    Subbed in.... which companies Mdrol (IronMahLabs, Hard Rock, etc..)?
    M-drol is by cel.... M-drol is an sd clone...
    Purus Labs Anabolic Titan/Rep
    Coach AB @ BossBody.net

  9. Local supplement guy with calipers... checked to twice cuz the first said it was 13... also is a semi pro body builder. Me and cutting ehhh don't go so well. Huge nah not really... I bounce in seaside during summer and I'm prob one of our smaller guys; the reason for this cycle... but thanks man. I say home scale because doc office mid day had me at 226. Clothed.. and I don't think that was right.. at all

  10. Must also note when he was takin the measurements he said how I am very lean in my chest and legs and of course hold most of my bf in my stomach area. Chest was 43-45. Stomach 41. Hips 37... ill try to grab leg and arm before I start... adding in some sweet potatos wil my rice to up carbs too

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Airborne42 View Post
    M-drol is by cel.... M-drol is an sd clone...
    I was thinking it was 'Hard Rock': Methastadrol (mdrol clone), 90 Caps

  12. They just compare it to m drol cuz its sd and a familiar name lol
    Purus Labs Anabolic Titan/Rep
    Coach AB @ BossBody.net

  13. back day
    pull ups- bw-8 bw+25 8,8,8,4 + 4 bw
    barbell rows all for 8; 135,155,175,195
    pull downs 170-8,200-8, 230-4
    tbar rows(only 25lb plates, more range) 100-8, 150-8X3
    back mahcine hypers 150-15X3
    ab machine twists

  14. Missed shoulders last week cuz gym closes at 5 on Sunday. Day two on cycle so far decided to do 20 mg to start.. no sides yet. Had a rough work out yesterday.. .numbers weren't too great. I'm gunna switch up my workout days I think next week prob back to legs chest back shoulders tris off sat and Sunday.. sat I work a ten hour day job and bounce eight more hours that night so its harder to hit the gym like I have been for the past month or so

  15. so ivebeen missing on here cuz well i had a long week, lil stressful and just bad lifting. went to a upper gi doc on wens to finally see bout my acid reflux and why on occasion i just constatly burp, turns out i have a hiatal hernia= my stomach coming up through my diaphram... awesome o well. but im already up 5lbs since my last time i checked and diet honestly has been lacking intake. so mi really gunna try to get moving this week and moving my routine around hoping to hit legs in a few hours

  16. Legs went well started new routine

    135-20. 185-15 225-10. 275-6
    Leg curl super setted with seated calves 140-8 /115-8. Four sets
    Leg press 8 plates-10/sldl 135-8
    10 plates-8x2
    Abs twist machine.

  17. chest went awesome finally got the feeling of being on...
    warm ups 135-8 155-8 185-8 work set 225-8 245-8 265- 5 no spot so called it quits next week numbers go up
    speed bench- 135 plus doubled monster mini bands wide, normal and close grips - 2 sets 3 reps each grip about 15 sec between
    incline db 70-8 80-8 90-6
    db fly 3 sets- def feeling a pump by this point
    machine flys 3 sets super set with pushups.

  18. Back was good today girlfriend pissed me off so that added little extra fuel to the fire

    Pull ups bw-8 +25lbs-8 x3
    Barbell rows 135-8 155-8 175-8 195-8 205- 4
    Pulldowns 180-8 210-8 230-5
    Seated rows 170-8 190-8 210-5
    Chest supported row reverse grip 45-8 90-8 115-4 drop set 90-5 dropset 45-8. Machine pull overs supersetted w/ rows 3 sets

  19. Shoulder was quick. Hurt the rotator a bit. cut it short

    Raises front and side 20/25/30 x8
    Db shoulder press 60/70/80 x 8
    Shrugs and rear delt on machine. I'm upping to 30 mg tomorrow I've felt no side yet when properly eatin no lethargy either... I can't wait

  20. and the stares started tonight
    hit arms
    ez bar curl dunno weight of the bar tho? anyone have a standard on a solid bar?
    50-12 70-12 90-10 100-8
    ez bar extensions
    50-15 70-12 90-12 100-8
    hammer db curl supersetted w/ cgbp( set under curl #)
    35-15 40-12 45-10 50-10
    135-15 185-12 185-12
    cable rope tri extentions over head
    110-15 140-12X2 super setted with concentration curls db- 30-8X3

    ab twist machine
    had two people mention my arms tonight one was just in the begining of the work out also so i was def happy, pump was awesome,, still not even taking a pre workout if anyone is even reading this and comments or criticism ?

  21. So I can't figure out what it is anyone help me tell the dif between back pumps, and kidney pain? Right along the erectors. Sorta out about two inches outward also

  22. leg day
    camber bar squats 135-8 185-8 225-8 275-8 315-4- low back gettin really tight real quick any idea why?
    lying leg curl 170-8X4 standing calf raises rack-4X3
    leg press 8 plates-8 12 plates-8 16 plates-8
    leg extentions 150-10,10, fail

  23. picked up some taurine started at 3g's im up to 225 at 15.6% so i only gained .3% bf so im happy altho i may start a lil cardio like two days a week??

  24. benched today felt awesome going in- back started to cramp up towards the end of my bench due to my set up
    incline db
    80-8 90=6- 90-4
    db fly
    30-12 45-8 50-8
    machine fly
    140-8x3 pushups almost fail each set
    crunch manchine, twist machine, balance ball

    the guy saw me set 275 on the bar offered a spot took it he said i should jump right to 315, but i wanted to make my self work for it, if i hadnt started to cramp and prob didnt joke so much before the lift i should have had atleast two reps.... next week i hit 325


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