Superdrol PCT layering

  1. Superdrol PCT layering

    I've read when it comes to SuperDrol specifically that 'some' people layer their pct+AI during cycle. Something like this:
    Week 1: SD Week 2: SD Week 3: SD+PCT+AI Week 4: SD+PCT+AI

    Week 6: PCT+AI+SERM Week 6: PCT+AI+SERM Week 7: PCT+AI+SERM Week 8: PCT+AI+SERM Week 9: AI+PCT

    Is the layering ABSOLUTELY necessary or does it pertain to higher does say like 30mg+ of Sdrol or even 20mg+?

  2. **** no!!! You can start daa early to let it saturate in your testes but run your serm and AI like a day early if not that day
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