Super One+ Cycle Log

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  1. yeah, i guess just like how power cleans are banned from our gym also...i guess deadlifts and power cleans are two that you can't really spot someone with that is really dangerous.

  2. day 22

    now the cycle is kicking ass....weight up 2.2 pounds from yesterday!

    chest day, bench increased weight 10 pounds, same amount of reps as last week.

    only 6 more days left...bummers

  3. Sweet bro! What's that 10 1/2 pounds now? Not to bad.

    Too bad you don't have enough to go another week, eh?

  4. lost a couple pounds...strength up even more though...must have been i ate a lot the other day....

    total weight gain is 8 pounds

  5. day 28

    well today is supposed to be my last day, but still have a couple days left in my bottle so will go until all is used up.

    total results so far....strength definitely up, but not unreal gains, just 10-15 pounds on all lifts....bench, shoulder press, etc....

    total weight gain, 10 pounds...doesn't seem like im holding so much water anymore and if anything i didn't gain any bodyfat....

  6. day 29

    today was back strength is still slowly increasing....weight up another pound, so thats 11 pounds....i think i have 1 or 2 more days left in the bottle....

    gonna start 6oxo tomorrow night along with Fuzu and zma...oh and started creatine, taking scitec myomax gain, which contains 4 grams creatine per serving...taking 2 servings a day.


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