Feedback on possible superdmz/epi/clen/t3 cut

  1. Question Feedback on possible superdmz/epi/clen/t3 cut

    I've been dieting down for awhile now naturally and have gotten down from about 308 to 265. I finally have gotten my body fat down to acceptable levels.

    I've done clen before during my nolva pct and I feel in the past it helped me tremendously during those times.

    I have on hand clen, t3, superdmz, real 4ad (preban), trenazone, exemestane, nolva, a small amount of ultradrol
    I'm thinking of buying epi and or 11oxo,

    I spoke to a few of my gym budz who have used t3/clen and the general concensus is to use my 4ad, superdmz, and epi along with 2week on 2 week off clen and t3 throughout. They said this combo should stave off t3 catabolism and spur gains.

    1. For those that have used these products how would you best combine these products?
    2. Do you think a small dose of exemestane during the cycle will keep the 4ad bloat at bay, since I do bloat off it?
    3. Is there a benefit of udca over tudca, since there is orals in there, I've used cycle assist but have heard good things about tudca and udca?
    4. Would you use exemestane and nolva at the same time during pct or would you use one over the other, I've only used nolva?

    My Stats:
    bf about 15%
    My diet has been good for about a year and excellent for the last 3 months.

  2. Bump

    Any Ideas folks?


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