havoc+furazabol cycle log

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  1. havoc+furazabol cycle log


    Estimated 1rm's
    Squat 370 (high)
    Deadlift 425
    Bench 280

    Today is day one. This week will be 40mg havoc and 200mg furazabol ED. Dosed as follows

    10mg havoc am 20mg pre wo 10 mg dinner

    Furazabol 25mg 4 times a day.

    support supps
    Orange triad
    Cycle support
    Fish oil
    Slin sane
    R ala
    Animal stak night time
    extra vit d
    Pre workout drink
    Postworkout drink.
    And some other stuff i may have forgot.

    Diet is rather simple:
    Wake up
    8am Protein shake + leucine and some coffee

    12:00 Protein shake + leucine or protein bar

    4 scoop xtend + pre workout sup(optional)

    6pm pwo shake

    Mass amounts of food this will vary everyday. If i dont lift i will tryn cut some carbs out.

    Goals are to cut some fat get stronger and stay healthy.

    Dunno how long cycle will last i will have to listen to my body but it will be between 4-6 weeks depending on sides.

    Have tamox citrate daa tribulus and half a bottle of supress c for my Pct. May pick up some dhea for on cycle if i start to get run down.

    This afternoon will be chest tris and shoulders.

  2. Chest shoulder tri workout was solid. Lifted with my roommates so it took a long time.

    Dont have my log sheet but will post what i remember.

    Push press warm up worked up to easy triple at 185

    Decline db worked up to a single with 120lb dbs

    Neutral grip alt db press 2x8 @ 50lb dbs

    Guillitine press 120 2 sets for reps

    Tricep rope pressdown super setted with tricep kick backs

    1 arm lean away lat raise supersetted with 45lb plate front raise

  3. Weighed 236 today.

    Activity consisted of nba 2k12....

    Think im up for deadlifts tomorrow.

    Nothing to report so far

  4. Day 3

    Power cleans from hang- worked up to triple at 195

    Deadlift worked up to 385x9(touch and go)

    3 circuits of following:
    1 arm snatch 5 reps per arm
    Depth drop 5 reps
    10 clapping push ups
    Explosive switch lunge 5 per leg.
    10 mountain climbers
    30 sec rest.

    * i need to buy more weight plates so i can go higher on deadlift. Usually dont go over 5 reps but i gotta progress somehow till i get more weight.

    No effect yet. Hopping i get a little kick in next few days.

  5. Anyone have experience with trenazone? Read a lot of good reviews already looking at it for my next cycle. Maybe superdrol/tren for 4 weeks with some formastane mixed in on cycle.

  6. Day 5
    weight 238 (ate alot of popeyes last night)

    Yesterday was an arm only day(havent done one in years). Solid workout. On another note, my left hip has been tight for years and even with stretching it like hell the last few months the pain has arrived. Got some deep tissue work done on it yesterday, seemed to really help going to get some more done next week. Have a feeling once i can get my hip loosened up it will really help my squat/vertical/deadlift.

    PS Back is sore from top to bottom from deadlifts the other day.

  7. Fml gland on right side of throat is starting to hurt. Hope im not getting sick. Going to take some extra vitamin c when i get home. Probably wont lift this afternoon just some light cardio.

  8. Day 7
    Leg day

    Worked up to 280x2 on front squat.
    400 x 1 on kinda high back squat.
    Did some ghetto ghrs and some sissy squats as well.
    Finished workout with calves and abs.

    1 week in im still not feelin anything.

  9. Day 8
    241lbs. Diet was not great over the weekend.

    After 1 week of 40mg havoc ed and 200 mg furuza-a im still waiting for something to kick in.

    Upping furuza to 250 for this week.

    And i may go up from there. Also thinking havoc may go up to 50mg next week.

  10. Day 9

    Def felt a kick in my workout.

    Got 120sx5 on decline db bench. Last week i got it once so huge jump there.

    Also push pressed 215x2 relatively easy.

    Last 2 days i have had some lower back pumps going. Nothing debilitating tho. Going to prob just do cardio tomorrow to rest the cns up for some deadlifts on thursday....plan on hitting a pr.

    Diet has been hit or miss....and havent seen any changes in the mirror or side effects(other than back pump). Looking forward to rest of cycle

  11. 243 (chinese food last night)

    **** i got no self control when it comes to good food.

    Today i tried cardio by hitting the heavy bag. After 3 two min rounds i had to stop. Elbow was killing me. Think it was combo of hitting tris yesterday, the rain and the epi coming together to cause some pain. Ive upped fish oil intake and scooped up some dhea. Took 75 mg mid day today and felt much better after a day at work. Tomorrow will be dead lifta cant wait.

    Also diet was much better today. Still ate too much for dinner since i didnt lift.

  12. Day 11

    Workout consisted of power cleans which i worked up to single @ 225lb

    Then deadlifts which i set pr of 445lbs x 1

    Then droped weight down and hit 365x8(touch and go)

    Then 3 sets of bb shrugs at 225 for 12 12 and 10.

    Holy christ....im understanding the whole back pump thing. Took 5g taurine before workout and was good. Sat down ate dinner and 30 mins later lower back pain was debilitating. Took some more taurine stretched/foam rolled for 10 min and gonna hit a epsom salt bath before bed hope im all good tomorrow.

    Elbow pain still present anyone got tips for that?? Ive already uped my fish oil. Theres a full dose of joint supps in my orange triad aswell im open for suggestions.

  13. Day15
    244 fml

    Wasnt able to lift over the weekend.
    rest was needed tho joints are feeling a lil better now. Upping furuza a to 350 this week.

    Going to get diet under control this week. I dunno if its the phs but ive been eating everything under the sun.

    Gonna order more furuza so i can run @ 350-400 for last 3 weeks of cycle. Epi will be bumped to 50 for last 2 weeks. Also gonna see if i can find some cissus heard its good for the joints. Already double dosing my joint pills and taking in approx 5g of high potent fish oil. Still nervous for my elbows after i lift tonight.

    Chest tri shoulders are on deck for tonight.

  14. Hot damn **** is in full effect. Chest felt amazing today. Dunno if it was upping furuza or the epi fully kickn in or a combo.

    120(dbs) x 7 on decline was highlight.

    Did some dc style stretch and some rep work for chest/shoulders. Didnt do any direct tricep work since elbow still acting funny.

    Legs are on deck for tomorrow. GET SOME!

    ps diet has been on point today. Straight protein + leucine post wo. Gonna just do carbs with pwo drink after leg/deadlift day. Gotta get my weight down.

  15. Also ima make it a point to tryn drink a gallon of plain water a day. Also took 100mg dhea today and it really seemed to help out. Specially since i only slept about 4 hours last night.

    Acne has also started to flare up but ive always been prone to the acne.

  16. Day 16

    Beast mode on. Today was leg day and i absolutely dominated them.

    Worked up to 415 x 3 on my slightly high squats (use flat bench as stopping point)

    After that i worked up to 295x 2 on decently deep front squats.

    Back started getn pumped at this point even tho i took 3 g taurine early in day and 3g pre workout.

    Did one long set of walking lunges with 45lb bar on back.

    attempted what i call ghetto ghrs but my hamstring began to cramp.

    Finished with calves and abs.

    what was so nuts about this workout is the 415 felt......almost easy. Last week i had to grind out a single @ 400.

    Gonna cut way down on cardio to help ease joint pain. Jogging agrivates my knees and hittn heavy bag killed my elbow. Gonna keep walking alot tho.

    Diet was spot on today. 3 protein shakes and grilled chicken salad throughout the day. Then 2 pork chops with rice and veggies as my pwo meal.

    Hope my body holds up for rest of cycle gains are gonna be insane (not gonna lose the fat i wanted but i dont care at this point.)

  17. 242 lbs

    Back and bis today....slept terrible last night. Was drained for workout. Still got 275x3 on bent rows. Diet has been off today. Def going to bed early need to catch up on sleep.

    No liftn on schedule for tomorrow. Everything is sore as of now.

  18. weight still at 242. Tried to go for a short jog yesterday since i wasnt lifting... i made it all of maybe 3 mins before back pump hit with force.

    Gonna try to hit chest tris shoulders after work if i can get up the energy.

  19. 1/2 way point.
    247 lbs. Had a terrible weekend diet wise.
    Im up 11 lbs from start. Def way stronger. Still fat tho.

    Deadlifted saturday.

    Worked up to pr single of 465.
    Then dropped down to 365 and repd out 10 touch and go.

    Also did flat bench max test and got 300x2 and 315 once. Thats without flat benching at all in like 6 months. But could def feel strain on my bad shoulders so i disnt try any heavier.

  20. 244 this morning...had another good week. Shoulders are acting up a bit but im still getn stronger everyday. Hope my cissus arrives soon. Gonna try to hit chest this afternoon if shoulders allow it

  21. Been slacking on my work out but it may be for the better joints were wearing down even with all my support supps. Today is starting week 5 and weight is still up tho i am slightly leaner. Joints feeln a lil better with time off.

    Today is some heavy power cleans and deadlifts. Gonna be a fun day.

  22. Weighed 245 this morning... tried to do power cleans yesterday but liftn all this heavy ass weight has bent the bar making it quite dangerous. I did deadlift tho and set 3 personal bests

    425 with DOH grip x 1
    470 straps x 1
    And 405 straps touch n go x 8

    Chest tris shoulders on deck for today. Diet has been terrible.

  23. Didnt end up hitn chest...slept wrong and my neck is ****ed right now. Hope this gets better fast. Got apt tomorrow with chiro.

  24. Last week of cycle. It ends on friday. Only lifted once last week due to neck hurtn. Gonna tryn finish strong this week.

  25. Holy ****...was gonna hold off on agmatine till pct but tried some today. Pump was nuts! Couldnt even get a full workout in cuz shoulders were so pumped. Triceps felt like they was gonna blow out.

    Lethargy has set it hard. Feeln terrible throughout the day.

    Started test force today(daa) tryn to get thinga going to finish cycle strong


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