opinions on dbol/test e cycle

  1. opinions on dbol/test e cycle


  2. you will regret running a cycle, and you can push through a plateu with proper lifting techniques. you are 19 and will damage your body, you may not see it in the next 2 years but you will see it. im not trying to scare you but i have friends that started too young like you and curse themselves everyday for it. you already bought what you bought so your not gonna listen. your body is already producing tons of test, if anything sell the **** and buy a good test booster instead. learn a new lifting schedule, try a new routine, something else....
    Corn is to popcorn as, prohormones are to steriods...

  3. if you are 19 i wouldn't recommend for you to use, until at you get least 22 or older.
    test e or test c is a good base for 1st cycle, you can stack d-bol with it for a kick start.
    nolvd in hand in case dealing with gyn,
    clomit or/with hcg for pct.

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