11 oxo cycle for lbm gains

  1. 11 oxo cycle for lbm gains

    I plan to take 11 oxo in order to gain some lean muscle mass. I have a decent idea of my cycle dosing and pct already. I plan to use an OTC pct due to 11 oxo's mild nature and low suppression rate. I have a bottle of CEL 11 sterone which has 75 caps of 75mg dosage. I plan to get a bottle of smart powders 90 caps 125mg 11 lean. since caps are different dosage it's gonna be hard to dose this lol. but anyway I was thinking of doing something like this 325/400/450/525/575. it'll leave me with a little over a gram of 11 oxo left but I'll finish that off after I finish the 575 week. for pct I have titanium xl, lean fx, DAA 100g, and ERASE. for support on cycle I have animal pak about 6packs and a full bottle of CEL cycle assist. what do you guys think of my pct and how should I dose it?

    other supplements I take / have are, GNC
    multi sport, jack3d, C4, Xtend, con-cret, ON pro complex gainer, ON whey protein, citrulline malate, oxy elite pro, HSP heat shock (haven't tried this yet) and fish oil. should I stop taking most of these supplements?

    any tips on cycle are appreciated

  2. That's alot of supps ur taking. I couldn't imagine what all that might feel like any given day.

    Looks like your OTC PCT is about as effective as it can get. Study up on the dosage of Erase. It's different from other suicidal AI's from wat I hear although I personally have not used it.

  3. I don't take all the supps daily lol that'd be insane but currently I'm just on fish oil, multi, protein and a pre workout when I need it. saving most of the other stuff for pct after my cycle. I like using titanium and erase stack but I know that erase is an ai / anti e and anti cortisol ,and you don't need to start that until week 3 of pct if at all due to 11 oxo being so mild. will it be a waste to do this? I'm young at 21 and have relatively high test obviously lol. what about lean fx as the start of the pct run that for 4 weeks and combine it with titanium and daa.

    so pct will look like this
    titanium weeks 1-4
    daa weeks 1-6
    lean fx weeks 1-4
    erase weeks 3-6

    thanks a lot fueled for your info!

  4. So, you have (3) test boosters, (2) cortisol controllers, and (1) Anti-E in that stack.

    It should be enough, lol. Like I said, I don't think it get's much stronger for an OTC PCT than that. The only other way to boost T-Levels would be through Toco-8. However, I'm not suggesting you add it to PCT. This is enough for a little mild hormonal fat burner.

  5. start @ 525mg and taper up to 750mg. Your dosing is too low and wont provide any muscle gains, only fatloss.

  6. will 750mg cause major shutdown, I'm not afraid of it just want to keep my endocrine as healthy as possible since I'm still pretty young. also what do you guys think of the pct? is the combination of the 4 products overkill? should I save erase? or do I need an anti estrogen for 11 oxo?

  7. would this cycle even give me lbm gains or is it not worth it at my size? I'm 5' 11 170-175 with about 10-11%bf

  8. Well honestly for lbm u need something a bit stronger and designed for mass, not fat burning. I mean, to burn fat and build muscle all u need is anabolic activity and a clean diet with steady training. H-drol, Trenazone, Epi, even SD are all good options for a better experience for lbm. However, they all demand a SERM in PCT.

  9. go with epi instead. Some fatloss but good LBM gains. you could always use the dosing in post 1 of 11oxo and than toss in 30mg epi. That would put on 6-8lb and drop 2-4% in BF. (with proper diet)

  10. I have read that 900 is the magic number for lean mass gains but you will probably need a SERM at that dose.
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