Pulse of sd and epistane

  1. Pulse of sd and epistane

    I am considering pulsing SD and epistane
    Probably :
    Both every other day in between those dosages I'll be taking activate xtreme, and the whole cycle I'll be taking IFORCE fadogia 500 and forma stanzol, how would shut down be? Should I take cycle support some people say its not needed with a pulse.
    Also would a Bridge from sd to epi be better for burning fat

  2. - 2 methyl PHs/steroids is sorta frowned upon right away, even in a pulse, because of the stress put on your liver. Do some research and pick 1.
    - liver support is something that should be taken prior and during the cycle...pulse or not.
    - bridging is an option that others have done but not for 12 weeks...that's pushing it.
    - the activate and fadogia will probably help on off days but you will need to have a post cycle therapy plan laid out even before you start...pulse or not
    - you will find mixed reviews on pulsing versus straight... pulsing may or may not reduce negative side effects but from others posting blood work in the past..it still seems to shut down your natural production of testosterone....maybe not as bad though


  3. I have all my cycle support I was just curious, and I have pct set up too. So it would be bad even with such low dosages of both compounds? How would you set up the bridge then? Also would the bridge be more effective for fat burning?

  4. Have you done either of these or any PHs/steroids before?

    Epi will lean you out more than SD with some mass but is usually unfriendly to libido and joints, even in a pulse.
    Sd will deliver faster gains, usually libido friendly but has caused estrogen rebounds from some users.

    Negative side with either can sometimes be counteracted with other supps though.

    With either product, proper PCT and you'd be fine, pulse or not.

    What impact staking them or not, even at the smaller dosages would have on the liver is unknown to me, I am just going by experienced posters on these forums. Also, if you drank alcohol and/or was a regular user of tylenol, ibuprofen, etc...those would piggy back the situation and add even more stress to your liver. To what degree I have no idea. Blood work before, during and after would be ideal in order to monitor situation but is usually inconvenient to most.

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