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    Hey Fellas,

    Starting Ultradrol and Trenazone transdermal stack today. I was a hair over 2 weeks into an Epi cycle when I received them so I am jumping right in.

    Height 6'5"
    Weight: 212lbs
    Goal: Lean Bulk

    Epi 45/45/0/0/0/0
    UD 0/0/12/12/12/12
    Tren 0/0/1/1/1/1

    Running Competitive Edge Labs Cycle Assist caps at 8 per day.

    This is all ran on top of a Testosterone/DHEA cream dosed at 150mg per day and Arimidex at .05mg EOD. This is my TRT so I never go off.

    I have no plans for PCT seeing as I run the TRT program always (been about 7 months now)but am welcome to any advice or feedback regarding this. My doc has HCG injects available following cycle if I so desire - open to feedback on this also.

    Epi is already showing decent results (along with some minor acne unfortunately). Libido and aggression both higher than normal. Can't wait to see what this stack does over the next 4 weeks.

  2. Who makes this tren you speak of? What tren compound is it, dienolone?
    If my direct and cynical approach bothers you, just ignore it. I'm just saying what you need to hear ;).

  3. My bad. Thats TRENAZONE - a transdermal from Antaeus Labs. Its Hydroxyestradienone at 75mg/ml. Recommended dose is 1ml ed.

  4. Yeah man I am taking it now, it's a good dienelone and powerful stuff too.
    If my direct and cynical approach bothers you, just ignore it. I'm just saying what you need to hear ;).

  5. Day 2:

    Upping the calories big time - not worried about eating too clean. Obviously the 2 weeks of EPI are doing their thing, I can eat like pure garbage and I'm still more more shredded each day. Lifts are up 5-10 on isolations, 15lbs on compounds. Internal body temp is running high, no night sweats yet but I'm waking up to piss a gallon every 2 hours. Muscles feel full to the point that I've discontinued preworkout, I'll save it for PCT. Takes practically nothing to get a pump. I'll start posting weight and bf% every five days. On a side note, Trenazone smells like straight gasoline and the smell sticks to you for about 2 hours.

  6. nice, im planning to run this cycle also except epi on the end.

  7. IMO start the trenazone 1 wk later than you have planned. I like being on cycle for as long as possible. Quick short blasts give rapid gains but most are lost during pct. I like giving the new muscle more time to mature to allow the gains solidify

  8. Thanks for the advice. I am 3 days in on the trenazone. Would it be worth it to kill it for a couple weeks and pick it back up or would that just be screwing the cycle up?

    Also kind of wish I hadn't stopped the Epi. I had about 9 days left at 45mg ed. I imagine the sides stacking the Epi/Ultradrol/Trenazone on a test base would be brutal.

    Day 3 and not seeing much of anything other than increased aggression and internal body temp. Also drinking water like a madman. After coming off the EPI 3 days ago, I feel milder than I did when running EPI solo. Maybe the 12mg ed is too low, I have heard some users - especially big guys, don't see the good stuff until they run 16mg.

  9. Day 4: Had a monster chest and back workout this morning. Lots of energy. Lifts up about 5lbs across the board. I usually burn out the end of the heavy lifting with pushups and pullups and they felt almost effortless today. Feeling very "on". Shaking after the workout and could have easily gone back for another round after a 10 minute rest. Weight is holding steady but have lost about an inch on the waistline and am looking more and more cut despite eating like total crap. Really trying to hit 5000 calories a day any way I can but bodyfat seems to be dissolving daily. I am seeing no sides, acne and shedding have stopped since the EPI stopped. Looking forward ot murdering arms after work tonight.

    Worth noting that I had trouble sleeping last night due to body temp.

  10. Day 5: Murderous arm day. Very impressive - pump, hardness, and vascularity are sick. Safe to say the Ultra/Trenazone has arrived. Tunnel vision throughout the day, feeling incredibly alpha. NO sides - thats probably the most impressive part. The acne from the Epi was bad news. Sleeping better now that I've adjusted the Cycle Assist to 4 caps twice daily, and keep them early in the day. Gonna give it til day 14 at 12mg and then may make the hop to 16 mg. Can't say enough good things: feeling awesome, lifts are up, concentration is razor sharp, endurance is non-stop, and no impact to libido or energy. Loving it.

  11. Day 7: Insane chest and back day. Feeling damn impressive. Have not gained a pound but look thicker and am getting comments. Due to an unexpected trip to Vegas at the end of the month, I have decided to push the Ultra to 16mg and the Trenazone to 1.5ml ed. That will get me off the orals in time to enjoy Vegas but I will continue to run the Trenazone for the extra week. The test/dhea base is always on. Lifts are up, stamina is up, but most noticeable effect is mental focus and alpha mood. No neg sides at all yet, we'll see what 16mg/1.5ml brings.

  12. Day 11: Still running 16mg ed Ultra/ 1.5ml Trenazone with test base. STILL no weight gain despite moving to a gainer shake and crushing food. Metabolism is just shredding me right now. Looking beast, arms are swoll. Getting questions now about what I'm using. Libido down a bit but Arimidex is keeping that in check, No neg sides. Lifts and stamina still up.

  13. would you recommend me adding the trenazone to the end of my current m1T cycle, what is it about the trenazone, what is it adding to the ultradrol.

    Keep it coming good post!

  14. aah, dienolone. First thought was what? You think you need ultradrol if your pinning tren??

  15. Sorry, I've been away in vegas but did not cut the cycle short. Decided to forego drinking and stick to the gameplan. This would be day 21. I have gained and held a total of 4lbs. Bodyfat has decreased by over a full point, putting me at about 12.7%. What can I say? Lifts have been crazy, recovery has been good, endurance through the roof. I have 2 days left of Ultra at 16mg and then I taper down to just the Trenazone at 1.5ml/day for the next 3 weeks. Keep in mind I am always running a Test Cyp 200/wk and DHEA. No acne, no shedding, no real aggression - just a dickish confidence/****iness. Minimal impact to libido - no prob getting or staying hard, though it takes me forever to bust a nut (is that a neg side?). The one thing I have notice is some sensitivity in my right nipple. I have increased Arimidex to .5mg ED to ease any fears I have about possible gyno. Not sure which compund is responsible for what at this point, but I can say that Ultra is BY FAR my fav compound I have run out of SD, Helladrol, and EPI. Smooooooth cycle, and I look ****ing beast. I'll definitely be running another cycle of this to get ready for beach season.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by BadSeed View Post
    The one thing I have notice is some sensitivity in my right nipple. I have increased Arimidex to .5mg ED to ease any fears I have about possible gyno. Not sure which compund is responsible for what at this point.
    I would think that it's the Trenazone.

  17. Day 24. Yesterday was the end of the Ultra. Libido has crashed and I felt pretty lame yesterday...probably lack of sleep. I am upping the Trenazone to 2ml ed until it runs out. Got about ten days worth. Lifts and pump still insane...my muscles burn like fire when im lifting.
    "If you weren't there for my struggle, don't expect to be there for my success."


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