Ph and Winny Cycle Advice

  1. Ph and Winny Cycle Advice

    I'm pretty new to this forum and have searched quite a bit a must have overlooked dosages as I can't find a good cycle for a friend for the PH's and Winny he has.

    He has:

    19-Nor 10 gram Transdermal

    1,4 Andro 10 gram Transdermal

    1-test 5 gram Transdermal (he also has about 20 - 100 mg caps of 1-test)

    1 bottle of oral Winny 110 x 25mg

    120 caps of 4 androstendiol 300 mg

    He would like to do the Winny with the dermals on a 4 - 6 week cycle. Any suggestions on how to run this?

    In other words how much 1 test dermal should he do over a 12 hour period, how much 19-Nor over a 12 hour period, and how much 1,4 andro over a 12 hour period? (he will reapply after 12 hours for a total of two dosages a day.)

    He said he wants to do the Winny stacked with at least one of the dermals, if it this is not neccessary then could you give some advice on how he should use these PH's even if he does not use them all?

    He has Nolva for post cycle and I have told him how that should work.

    He weighs 185lbs, would like to hit 195-200 lbs of good muscle, more of a cut instead of a bulk. He has been working out good for a year and has a decent base. He knows he has to up his protien etc, and is just looking for more of an idea of dosages and how he should run these in combo.

    Thanks for any help you can give!

  2. the winny should be run at 50mg a day 2 25 mg doses for 6 weeks
    now its important to remember the conversion ratios of these products they are 15 mg for every 100mg used asumming 100 percent absorbtion buuuuuut transdermal only offers up to 65-70% absorbtion if dmso is used so 100mg would only be 9-10mg of actual hormone and oral rates are only like 5%

    now id say that there is no need for the 1 test as it acts very similar to the winny and two combined will really increase sides!!! I think he should shoot for only ten pound gain of lbm so prolly a little fat with this also he should take at least 1 gram a day of the 4ad as test should be the base of every cycle ph or real roids and considering he wants a lean mass increase go with the 1,4 andro as this will add leaner mass than the 19 nor and to be conservative he should use at least 500mg a day of the 1,4 andro which would leave him 20 days worth= NOT ENOUGH TIME AT ALL TELL HIM TO GET MORE because 1,4 andro should be run for at least 8 weeks to see full benefits

  3. Thanks, I'll let him know about your advice. What if he did the Winny as suggested with the 1,4 andro as suggested and then switches to the 19nor after the 1,4 andro runs out? Would that work out alright for him?

    Edit - I just called him, he can't get anymore 1,4 andro as we live in Canada. I guess he's hooped.

  4. The 1,4 andro is definitely better if run for a longer period of time.

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