First Cycle: Test E & Deca?

  1. First Cycle: Test E & Deca?

    First cycle, have been reading up on a lot of cycle info and a lot of forums/website have recommended test e with deca. Or should i just run test e by itself for a first run? I was thinking a 12-16 week cycle at 500 mg's of test e, about 250-300 mg's of deca. (still not to sure about PCT, any info is appreciated) Im 22 years old, 185lbs, 6 foot, BF around 8-9% have been lifting for about 4 years, have my diet on point. Looking to put on about 20 lbs of mass and increase strength. Any information would be helpful.


  2. Looking at doing the same 1st cycle, except I'm using NPP, hence if I don't get on with Deca, it won't be lingering in my system for weeks to exit. Might be worth you making the same substituion. NPP has a 5 day half life I believe, so can be split and injected on one of the same days as test.

    1 - 12 weeks - Test E - 500mg
    1 - 8 weeks - NPP - 300mg
    1 - 8 weeks - Var - 75mg
    2 - 12 weels - HCG - 500iu
    1 - 12 weeks - Adex 0.5mg ED
    1 - 10 weeks - Caber 0.5mg E3D

    ^^ Epic 1st cycle.

  3. ^^ best to grab a SERM for PCT, Nolva or Clomid along with some DAA and a OTC A.I introduced towards the 3rd week on would work nicely.

    Research some more, make sure you are fully prepared and know what you are getting into. peace

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