M1T - The Infamous / Logged by guttaheis

  1. M1T - The Infamous / Logged by guttaheis

    M1T Log - The Infamous

    If you like reading, here's my novel. If you don't, just scroll down! haha

    I'm sure most of you, if not all have often seen, heard, and read crazy stories about peoples experiences with M1T. Countless mixed reviews and horror stories have turned the masses away from it, and for good reason. But there had to be a legit reason for the hype concerning it's greatness. And afterall, something so potent was likely to come with negative sides, right? Unfortunately, a good amount of people who have dealt with M1T, or any PH/DS for that matter, weren't and still aren't educated well enough about the supplements they take.Therefore cycles are run improperly and post cycles are insufficient for recovery, if they're done at all. Even some who have done their research say that the bad outweighs the good, while others argue the opposite. Everyone is different, but I am hoping for the latter I'll be as detailed as possible throughout my logs.

    Personal Background

    Current Stats

    Age: 22, turning 23 in a couple months
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 149 lbs ( I've weighed as high as 163 lbs)
    Training: 7 years of lifting with 3 years of actual proper dieting
    PH/DS Experience: (2) 4 wk cycles of Element Nutrition Monster (MaxLMG-75mg/Epi-30mg daily)
    (1) 3 wk random cylcle of Element Nutrition Edge (Epi-36mg daily)
    (1) 4 wk cycle Roman Pharmaceuticals 3X (Tren dosed @ 90/90/135/90mg)
    (1) 5 wk cycle Roman Pharmaceuticals 3X (Tren dosed @ 90/135/135/90/45mg)

    As you can see from the stats, I'm not exactly a big guy even after those cycles but I've managed to stay strong and lean for my size. Keep in mind I was a VERY LIGHT senior in highschool graduating at a weight of 128 lbs! I've always had a super fast metabolism so it's been nearly impossible for me to put on weight until I started eating insane amounts of food for anyone my size. Always been athletic as I've done Tae Kwon Do for 9 years, played competitive basketball for as long as I remember, and have trained in MMA on and off for the past year and a half. I know a lot of you are double my size with probably half the cycles but I can honestly say that I've been pleased with my steady gains throughout the years with a max weight increase of 35 lbs in 4 years. At what I feel I looked my best, I was at 161 lbs, 5 point caliper tested at 7% body fat.

    At 155-163 I was able to: flat bench 205-225 consistently with a 1 rep max of 275, incline 90 lb dumbells consistently, shoulder press 80 lb dumbells, regular curl 50 lb dumbells, and squat 295 consistently. I did 315 at the end of my workout once but did something improper to my back and never tried that much again.

    Due to a shoulder injury and a busy relocation to continue college, I've been set back 14 lbs. Seeing the number go under 150 every moring has mad me determined to get back up, and EVENTUALLY hit my ultimate goal of walking around at a lean 170 lbs!

    Cycle Info
    I haven't decided if I want to do a 2 or 3 week cycle so this may very well change depending on my gains/sides. For NOW, this is what it will look like:
    M1T in mg (10/15/15/0/0/0) Organ Shield in caps (4/4/4/4/4/4) Nolva in mg (0/0/0/40/40/20) - Any different recommendations?
    I'll have enough Nolva and Element Nutrition Triple Threat (natty test booster) & Drive (PCT: 6-bromo, DIM, etc) on hand just in case.
    I'll be aiming for 3500 calories a day with consistent protein shakes/complex carb mix throughout, protein concentrate/isolate blend every 3 hrs if I can't eat real food, Gaspari IntraPro isolate for my post w/ glutamine, and ON Casein with glutamine again before bed. Creatine will be taken with apple/grape juice along with whatever I take for preworkout. BCAAs will be taken during the first 4 sets of my workout. I'll also be taking USPLabs Super Cisuss, Omegas, and daily vitamins.
    Sorry for the long post, but that's what you'll always get from me! Questions, comments, and suggestions always welcome!

  2. looks good, have you thought about adding in some 4-ad from ams for some added test?

    should be a nice cycle, i've got a bottle of m1t/4-andro-diol waiting for the right time when I can really afford to bulk. I'd def expect 15-20lbs with m1t + 4-androstenediol.

  3. I've read about the 4-ad but not too much into it as I wanted to see how the m1t would do alone. I'll look into ams though, thanks! And I'll keep an eye out for your posts.

    I forgot to mention that I actually started my cycle on Monday so I'll have a 3 day update when I get home

  4. Haven't seen anyone run m1t in a while. It's NICE. The lethargy is not fun though bro. Maybe something like RS transaderm while on to help out with the lethargy a bit?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by MakaveliThaDon View Post
    Haven't seen anyone run m1t in a while. It's NICE. The lethargy is not fun though bro. Maybe something like RS transaderm while on to help out with the lethargy a bit?
    Yeah when i found the bottle, I had to jump on it.. I had a few friends who blew up on it and are still pretty big years down the road.. granted they took other stuff after, but they said they were able to keep most of their gains, even with just OTC "PCT" stuff like Novedex XT. I'm not willing to risk any of that haha. But yes, I'll definitely look into the things you all suggest. Thanks!

  6. Day 1

    Like I said, I started the cycle on Monday (08/22/11) but havent gotten the chance to write everything out so I'll be a little behind on this.. Sorry. Anyway!

    Day 1 (08/22/11)
    Measurements (Cold, unflexed, and in natural rest position unless noted otherwise)
    Morning Weight: 149 lbs
    Neck: 16"
    Chest: 38 3/4"
    Arms: R: 14 1/2" L: 14 1/4"
    Waist: 31"
    Quads/Hams: R: 22 1/2" L: 22 1/4"
    Calves: R: 15 1/4" L: 15"


    GRRRRRR! I guess I don't have enough posts to put up links or pix just yet.. Sorry guys! I'll get to post whoring asap! haha jk

    After my shower I realized I needed pix of my legs! My have I lost some mass! haha

    Once again, I'll edit this with the added pix ASAP!

    Workout: Legs Squat (Free): 135x15,185x12, 205x10, 225x8
    Calf raises: (185x8 inner - 185x8 straight - 185x8 outter non stop = 1 set) x 3 sets
    Recap: Started getting nauseus and cramped after my second set of squats so that held me back. I probably haven't been drinking enough water haha. Going to incorporate lunges, extensions, and curls next leg day. I don't think the nausea came from the M1T so no sides or strength gains as of yet. Too soon to tell anything about the M1T!

  7. Your brave bro... M1T was harsh for me... Gained 20 lbs and lifted a house, but lethargy and pissing blood turned me off to it... Hope your cycle goes smooth brotha
    You are born small and weak, you die small and weak...How you look in-between is entirely up to you...

  8. alpha one is much more user friendly than m1t, if you like similar effects without all the bad stuff, i'd recomend trying that.

  9. [QUOTE=guttaheis;2981412]Like I said, I started the cycle on Monday (08/22/11) but havent gotten the chance to write everything out so I'll be a little behind on this.. Sorry. Anyway!

    Looking to start M1T soon wondering what your experience ended up being like? Results, sides and comments??

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