Starting 1st Cycle Of Test Prop

  1. Starting 1st Cycle Of Test Prop

    Hello all. New to the forum. Recently went to the doctors and found out my test levels were low. I have had full blood panel and my testosterone was only 242. I am 23, 6'2" 240 LBS. Dedicated weight lifter for 2 years and strong diet. Anyways results have persuaded me to try a test cycle. I would like to start an EOD 10 week cycle of Test Prop by itself followed by PCT. Any veterans out there that can let me know proper dosages, and correct PCT. I know knowledge comes from reading the forums. Just looking for some advice from the long time members. As you can imagine my mood is depressed, no drive, really starting to effect my day to day life. Doctor prescribed me Androgel, have read nothing but bad reviews. PLEASE HELP!

  2. With those levels you might wanna think about trt. That being the case, I think it would be better to stabilize yourself on trt for a little while before jumping right into a cycle.

    Let's say for arguments sake you have primary hypogonadism, which is why your levels are only 242 to begin with. So your gonna feel like the king of the world for 12 weeks while you are on cycle, but then after you come off your levels are gonna return to normal...which for you would be 242 again, now you will be right back to where you started.

    Get some testing done bro, try and dig to the root of why levels are that low, if trt is an option, so be it. But I would stabilize on a good trt protocol before jumping right into blasting with a cycle.

  3. Thank you, you are right. As you can imagine the whole thing is very depressing. My doctor already prescribed me 5mg daily of androgel, after 2 months my levels will magically stabilize according to him. I find it really hard to believe but staying positive.

  4. Well, at least he is willing to give you something, that's half the bottle with docs man. I have no experience with androgel myself. Most of what I have read from trt research has been that it 99 percent of the time it quits working on guys after a certain period of time. There are a lot of variables with androgel. Being able to absorb it right through the skin, not having it rub off on clothing, sweat, getting on other people/loved ones. It also converts into DHT at a pretty good rate, which can also cause a host of other problems.

    I think injections show a far greater success rate at treating low test than androgel. Next time you see your doc, try and bring up some of those concerns about androgel and just see what he says and how he feels about. And ask him about the possibility of injects, if you are comfortable with it.

  5. Thanks Mak, I certainly will. Your insight is greatly appreciated.



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