PCT and AI info

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    PCT and AI info

    Hey everyone,

    I'm 29, 5'8, 195lb and I've ran 2 cycles of Beast, 1 Halo, and 2 Dieselbolan. I have a quick question. I have 1500mg of clomid, 600mg of nolva, and 5,000iu of HCG, and 1 bottle of Sustain Alpha (dermal). Would you consider this sufficient for a cycle consisting of

    1-14 Test E 600mg
    1-12 Deca 400mg
    1-6 Dbol 30-40mg
    1-6 N2guard

    If so, should I dose it out as follows?

    Clomid 100/50/25/25
    Nolva 20/20/20/20
    HCG 500iu 5-14
    Sustain Alpha 1-4

    I also have enough Arimidex for .33mg per day. Is this enough for AI for a cycle of this size and length?

    Thanks for the insight.

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    -id only run the dbol for 4 weeks but hey its your liver not mine.
    -you need to have prami or caber on hand running deca
    -id add erase at beginning of week 4 in pct to help control e2 rebound and cortisol. run for 4 weeks
    -clomid 100 1st three days then finish week with 50 then 50-50-25
    -nolva 4th week 10
    -you do know pct starts 2 weeks after last t inj?

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