give me some advice on 1st m-drol cycle

  1. give me some advice on 1st m-drol cycle

    Well I'm about to start a mdrol cycle in a couple weeks. I have mdrol, cycle assist, nolva for pct, and letro on hand. I want to dose 20 for 4 weeks. 3 if I feel too lethargic. I have a few questions. 1 I want to preload milk thistle how much should I do? 2 I plan on dosing mdrol 10 mg in morning and 10 at night, is this going to keep me awake? 3 I'm gyno prone, will taking letro at .5 mg while on cycle help prevent it, and will it have any negative effects on my cycle? And 4 what test boosters would you reccomend I run in pct?

    This is not my first cycle. I bench 225 squat 365 and deadlift 405. Hoping to get some solid strength gains along with 15-20 lbs. All criticism is more than welcomed and appreciated. Thanks.


  2. stats? age weight all that brotha?

  3. My lifts are up there I'm 22 5'8 170 -175 and I've been lifting for 2 years

  4. Young for SD man...I waited til this year to run first cycle...age 24. A whole lot changes in 2 years.

  5. Anything milder you'd reccomend? I did a cycle of pheraplex stacked with term when I was 20 (too young I know) I just want to see some solid gains. I already have everything on hand.

  6. Why would you preload milk thistle? Preload hawthorne berry for BP issues may be? U got everything ready for PCT? Cause that is going to be the most important thing for u after mdrol.

  7. I was going to preload milk thistle just for liver protection. I have nolva on hand. I'm gonna get a test booster to run starting week 2 of pct.


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